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    Help for search cw with similar old cw

    HI, If I have this cw on various .ts file: file .ts1: 1A 24 B0 EE 4C 20 17 83 file .ts2: 2A 14 B0 EE 4C 20 17 93 file .ts2: 3A 12 B0 EE 4C 20 17 83 file .ts2: 4A 18 B0 EE 4C 20 17 93 file .ts2: 5A 22 B0 EE 4C 20 17 83 there are similar single number every cw.... What is the fastest system to...
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    Flycccam registered version (more 1 line)

    HI, someone have flycccam registered version can work with more one line? thanx!!!
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    Help me find c8 / cw for live trasmission now

    HI, someone can help me to find c8/cw for this live feed: 12,5w 12535V 3750 8psk mpeg2 I can't find c8 :( thanx!
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    Ask cw for big brother spain

    Intelsat 905 (24.5°W) 11167 - Pol: H - SR: 7200 mpeg2 thanx!!
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    RTPi on 13est out??

    RTPi from yesterday don't work: Frequency: 11 334.33MHz Polarization: Horizontal FEC: ¾ Symbol Rate: 27,5 Ms/s Video PID: 2001 someone can test it? thanx
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    Cw for european champ swimming berlin 2014

    I don't see any cw on the forum...someone can send me? THanx for help!!
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    Celebrity BigBrother UK (Feed/s) 0.8°W ***Chat Only here, No keys*** is still on now? this feed transmit 24h a day or only when channel5 broadcast live?
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    Ask for european natation barcelona 2013

    Eutelsat 7A (7.0°E) Fréquence: 11000H + 11070H + 11082H - Pol: H - SR: 14400 - FEC: 3/4 Catégorie: Sport - Natation Transmis en: MPEG-4 Infos: Barcelona2013 DVBS2 crypte' any cw?
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    Ask for summer universiade in kazan on 7est

    any ccw? thanx
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    Pid recording with dvbviewer?

    HI, it's possibile record pid video (crypted) with dvbviewer? If not, what is the best dvbplayer for rec pid video? smartdvb? thanx
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    Hello to all! Have a good work!