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    Need BackUp image for DM800seHD-Sim 2.10

    Need good and stabile backup newnigma2-3.3.2 image for my 800sehd-sim2.10 box. Thanx !!!!!
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    BlackHole-1-7-3-dm800se-ramiMAHER #ssl84b-KO

    Hi, this image das not work in my DM800se-Sim 2.10 !!!! Have tried 4 times, also with ssl84b after image flashing. Not work, why !No one BH-RamiMAHER not work on my dream, others images are all OK ! Imagemaker, please help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    800se-Sim 2.10-Newnigma 3.3.2 back Up

    Hi, need good Newnigma 3.3.2-800se-sim2.10 back up.
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    DM500HD -DM800seHD ????

    Hi to all.I have question:is it possibe to put sim card from DM500 HD to DM800seHD to work well ?
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    DM500hd-ferrari images ???

    Hi,need Newnigma 3.3 -DM500HD - ferrari image !!!
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    Sim excange ??

    Hello everyone, I have a question: Is it possible into DM800se CLONE - Sim 2:10 to put sim card of DM800se ORIGINAL and espect from CLONE to work regularly with the original images and vice versa?
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    lnvalid image ... ???

    Why is "" - not possible to flash with webbroswer !!!!! "INVALID IMAGE" - error !!!!
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    Webradio plugin !

    Hi to all. Is there a plugin like Webradio on Newnigma 3.2.2 , we simply type the name of the radio station and the plugin find it automaticly ??????
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    Upload problem !!!!!!!

    Hi, where to upload images for 800 se sim 2.10. no upload links !!!!!!!!!
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    Newnigma 3.3.1 - 800se - sim 2.10 ?

    No more this image with last updates, why ? I,m Newnigma fan, someone else ???
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    DM800se-Sim 2.10 - problems!

    Hi, I have problem with this box. With web broswer in flash is flashed: SIM2-SSL84B-Newnigma2-3.3.1-By Sat4fun-Team. On this way any attempt is 100 % OK ! But I tried to experiment and with DreamUP and want to insert another Sim-2.10 image in box, but ??? - PROBLEM!!!!!! On...
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    BlackHole-1-7-0-dm800se-ramiMAHER #ssl84b

    Hallo, this image NOT WORK on my DM 800se HD - Sim 2.10 !!!! For a first time an mage from ramiMAHER not work on my dream. HELP !!!!
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    BH 1.70 - sim 2.10 ???

    Is there hope that this image comes out soon ???
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    Sunray4/SR4[DM800se]sim2 images !??

    Hi, is it possible to make an Newnigma 3.3.1 in this form ???
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    Is it possible ?

    Hi, is it possible an newnigma 3.3.1 image to get in full original form only with ssl 84b for DM 800 se HD - Sim 2.10 ?
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    DM 800 HD CLONE drivers!???

    Hi to all, I need help abouth drivers.Is it possible drivers of DM 800 HD to put in DM 800 HD CLONE and where to put it ?
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    EDG Nemesis CCcam !???

    Hi,also need CCcam 2.0.11 for EDG Nemesis E2 image !??
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    Last Oozoon for DM 800 HD ?

    Hello everyone, only 1 question,please: Has this image adons download server in image direct or I must put it in by FTP ?
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    Hi !

    Hello, I need extra.url for EDG Nemesis E2 image - DM 800 HD clone ! Please help !
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    Hello !

    Hi, I,m glad to be here with all of You, need to learn !