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    Twinpro Plugin on DM800 HD PVR is crashing!!!!

    Dear friends, A dongle is a mini sat receiver converted into a sat modem that connects a receiver to a sharing server. there are endless types of dongles: the best is Botech's microbox, german origion: The dongle dish is to be directed to a sharing sat. like Eutelsat W3. The dongle connects...
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    New Nigma 2.13 and Gbox

    Most of us agree that the New Nigma 2.13 is the finest iame for DM 800 HD especially with Ccam Servers; any one tried Gbox on this image? what version? Thanks Daddy
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    DM800HD PVR: How to Multiboot?

    Dear Friend, As we know, DM800HD had been recently released; Can I get your help in setting the Barry Allen Multi-BootExtention Plugins; This of course can let us keep the origional image in the built-in Flash as use an USB Flash Disk to safely test other images. Best, Daddy