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    For Sale ARIVA FERGUSON 250 combo dvb/s2 + DVB/T

    For sale, In excellent condition. Price around £70 depending buyer sympathy :nana:
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    amiko mini HD combo VS Edision Optimuss 3in1

    Any one know the difference between those receivers ? Can i patch with the same firmware:nana:
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    For Sale Technomate TM-8000 HD combo DVB-S2 & DVB-T

    Good working order. the flip panel needs (access to cards reader, etc...) to be fixed but holds closed. No problem Got the original box, manual, uk power plug, remote controller, RF cable. Price around £100 + postage :thum: Please PM if interested
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    For Sale TNTSAT cards

    Hello, I have two TNTSAT card (french freesat) on 19.2E Never been used, new. I can activate the card from here. Check receiver compability before. Any question ask. Price around £25, no bother:D
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    Patched firmware 1.21B4 for ariva 250 150

    Any chance to get the new f/w ?:) it looks like the official 1.21B4 solved many bugs.... we are all wating for you JAKITAKI. Thanks in advance :p
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    Opticum 9600 HD TS and TNTSAT French card

    :) Anybody experience working TNTSAT official french card. Slided the card in the slot reader. In can see the v*s card in the menu with right, etc... but cannnot have a working channel from this bouquet on Astra. :mecry: Got the latest Software_3.28_Conax_(HD_TS_9600)_2010_07_29 installed
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    Hello from south of france

    looking for GI T/S 84 stuff