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    Glitches and freezing in pcture

    I have seen it on Open ATV and now on PBNigma, the picture is freezing, very often. so this is not a box I want to use. This box you can get almost for nothing from me.:clapping:
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    Passwd. for PBNigma ?

    What is the password to log in to PBnigma.
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    TSPanel works in Open ATV :)
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    Experimental img. and GP3

    I can clear channels with CCcam and local card, but try to connect to my local server it seems that cccam.cfg does not work. Also tried Oscam, but no luck. Someone with an idea ?
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    Picture freeze

    With VU+DUO2 in stbye, switching on TV, the last picture is showing on screen. Is this normal or is there anything I can do? Have tried BlackHole and VTI.
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    Someone knows password for BluePeer img., Coolstream HD1, so I can download plugins ?
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    Fan setup

    I need a working Fan Setup for my Coolstream HD1. Thank you.
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    Is it possible to create a working gSUB ( subtitles ) for us living in Norway ? On my Triple Dragon it is working perfeck on all movie channel. Sub tex and teletext in Coolstream is very bad and is not usable. A man called Gruffy has created tis plugin for Dreambox and Triple Dragon, but without...
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    Disable clock

    Can somone tell me how to disable the clock up in the rigth corner? Can,t find any place to do it. :D
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    Mgcam in Coolstream

    Has someone tried this and get it work ? If so can someone tell me where I put the files and how I can share from my PC that use CCcam. Thanks.
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    After 24 hours with my Coolstream, this is what happend after reboot. The box will not start anymore. Have tried to flash from USB ( guid from Micha R ) but it does not work. Is my box allready dead or has someone any tip ? My first mistake is that this is only a cheep crap.
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    Hello from Norway

    Hi all. Got my Coolstream HD1 today :) Hopefully there is som help on this forum. skogly