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    New Black Hole images released! BLACK HOLE 2.0.0 OE 2

    New Black Hole images released! BLACK HOLE 2.0.0 OE 2 The Black Hole Image 2.0.0 is completely new and based on the new Vu+ OE. We used the name OE 2.0 only to maintain a tradition started by DMM, but in reality OE 2.0 does not mean anything. We could call it OE 3.0 or 4.0. This is because the...
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    i-BOX F3/4S FIRMWARE UPDATE iBOX_wifi_3601HD_CMT_12060505A2 What's New : 1. Add GS CAM and X CAM in software. 2. Hide the Cam infomation function in Menu. to open it, pls go to menu of "network local", then press 6666 on the remote controller. 3. Renew the Language for Russian...
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    [Chat] OPENBOX X3 HD PVR

    OPENBOX X3 HD PVR Main Features Core-Dual CPU, 396 MHz MIPS Processor MPEG-II / H.264 Hardware decoding DVB-S2 Tuner (LNB IN, Loop Out) 1x Smartcard Reader 10/100Mbit Ethernet Interface 1 x SCART Connectior (Optional) YPbPr ( Optional) Composite Video( Video, Audio L& R) 1...
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    OCTAGON SF918 SE+ Full HD Difference

    OCTAGON SF918 SE+ Full HD Difference Features at a glance * Full HDTV PVR receiver (DVB-S/S2) * H.264 / MPEG4 - HD / SD, DVB-S2 tuner * Operating system Linux OS * Time-Shifting with External HDD (USB 2.0) * 3 + 2 channels Channel Recording view LIVE (PIP) * Easy scheduled...
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    [Help] Howto Solve "No CA FOUND" Problem in DM800HD se

    Pls Help me.. Howto Solve "No CA FOUND" Problem in My DM-800 HD SE I have tried with sunray-flash up but not working:mecry::mecry: Regards, planko
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    [Need Help] How to go back From RTi RC5 to Original FW

    Has anybody managed to go back to original firmware, after flashing with RC5? There are many opinions and suggestions, but we really need help from people who have succeeded to reload the OF FW again.:mecry::mecry::mecry: Tq Regards,
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    DREAMER 500 HD

    Specification Main Features: Supporting both HD and SD channels. Digital Satellite Single Tuner. USB2.0 for software update ( Later update for recording function) Ethernet for software update and card sharring function Supporting CCcam protocol to connect all the server of...
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    GLOBAL TV 113.0E ( BISSKEY ) - Chat

    Nice Info bro..but what about the next week key? Is it Ready or not?;) waiting mode : ON!:clapping::clapping:
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    DM800HD PVR Mulitboot x 8 [Espcially fo Mr. FERRET]

    Dear Mr. FERRET and all SU Members.. I want to now about your DM800HD PVR Mulitboot x 8. What does it mean? and How to DM800HD PVR Mulitboot x 8?
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    [Need] Boot File for OCTAGON Series

    I need Boot file for Octagon SF-718, SF-818, SF-918,etc plz somebody help me...! thx for ur help... regards, planko
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    more detail about Jtag for Oct SF-918HD

    Thx bro...Where can i buy that magic-ICE Ver2.2? and we need more detail about Jtag for Oct SF-918HD.