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    For Sale Venture heavy duty 24inch actuator

    As new as purchased from America about 5 years ago,box opened but not been touched. Will wipe the floor with a superjack equivalent. £100 cash on collection or buyer pays postage (uk only) cost over £230 but as I've a 1224 now it's not going to be used,PM if interested P.s. will make...
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    TBS6903 or other options?

    There are external usb cards available, @barney115 and others use them with great success and as for your concern about taking you're PC apart it's usually just a case of a couple of screws to remove the access panel at the side of the tower and just slotting the card into a spare socket on...
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    Advice on anchoring heavy-duty motorised 1.2m system

    Even though I have installed at a guess over 100 satellite systems from simple zone 1 sky dishes through to 1.1m triax on usals motor and everything in between it's all been on an enthusiast basis. I'm now going to be putting up my own personal system comprising of a 1.2m Andrew dish, jeager...
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    New Motorized Installation

    Is the dish going on on south facing wall? ,also depending on length and how much of the pole is above the top K can make a big difference in stability Probably best to get the installer to advise on T and K brackets and length of pole after assessing your particular situation. Maximum dish...
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    Testing actuator reed.

    Could you post a couple of photos of the insides so we can have a look,regards
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    Testing actuator reed.

    You can only try pal, back in the early days of sat I put Vaseline on the exposed nuts,bolts ECT on my 90cm/128 and it was still bone dry when it was removed nearly a decade later but water has a knack of finding a way,regards
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    Testing actuator reed.

    Got a few old superjack here if you need any innards let me know, regards
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    Testing actuator reed.

    Don't have a heavy duty 24in superjack to look at the inside but maybe you could fix it from a part of a knackered one as there isn't much to them inside, regards
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    Testing actuator reed.

    You say you have ruled out the v-box as it runs a spare actuator without issues then it looks like it is a problem with the heavy duty actuator. As said by others it's a case of elimination. Something is causing the reed switches to keep blowing but if the spare jack doesn't blow reed...
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    Best Lnb 2020

    No one can say with certainty which lnb is best for feeds as same type lnb from same batch can vary, 2 people with identical systems living 500 yards apart again different results. There are to many different things in play so the best advice is if finances allow it's trial and error until...
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    The Ultimate Feed Hunters Guide

    Agreed but Ethernet is a hard connection and less susceptible to all the RF signals flying around Imo especially these days Regards
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    Motorised dish won't turn

    What make of motor?, also are the spidering and zgemma in separate rooms? If you haven't already tried it switch both receivers off at the mains and leave for 10 minutes say,then switch 1 back on then tell motor to go to zero but set usals to 000.0/000.0 and go outside to check if motor is...
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    C-band Crazy Project - Home Made

    You could use an offset dish like a few members on here. There are a few ways you could choose. 1. Buy Chinese C/Ku combo with off-set scalar kit 2. Buy Chinese C band lnb and scalar kit then attach your own Ku lnb D.I.Y 3. Buy C/Ku Polarotor and separate single pol lnb,s and a Ku scalar but...
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    Say what sat equipment you have?

    Atm 80cm orbital,black ultra,darkmotor,dh-hd d15 68.5e to 30w Other stuff Dh-hd f15 Dr-hd d15 x 4 Tm5402hd m1 TM5402HD M2 Tm5402hd m3x2 Tm5302hd v2 Blade bm7000hd Tm f3/5 V1 TMF3/5 V2 DM800HD CLONE DM800HD ORIGINAL DM800HDSE CLONE Andrew 1.2m x 4 Andrew 1.0m x 2 Andrew .90m x 3 Visiosat...
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    latest e1 oscam bin file

    been messing with an old tm600 and got it running oscamymod t52, reading a ftv 0963 card and c line as a reader. trying to change to the latest oscam that it will take but it wont accept a tar.gz file via tmp manuall install. has anyone got a oscam.bin file so i can just replace the ymod...
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    MUTV@10EAST 11.483.V.4000.5/6 DVBS2/8PSK/MPEG4

    have noticed a increase in downlink power from this txp this week while on a job with my m8 using a 97cm X 87cm TM solid dish,TM 0.2db lnbf,TM2600-M2 USALS motor and VU+ solo original(running B.H. 2.X.X) and a short 10m run the signal was booming in at 95SS-88%SQ in the north-west uk. 53.6N...
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    RRsat Promo HD2 @30WEST

    can someone check if its a key change/encryption change or black screen. all i get is black screen with emu on or off. regards mdt
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    EUTELSAT [email protected]

    anybody still getting a signal off this txp.. 11.459.H.9260 DVBS/MPEG2 ORBIT MINI-MUXX seems to be coming and going for me from 13DB this afternoon to nothing now. regards mdt
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    anybody still getting these 2 channels on this sat? 12.537.V.1553. 3/5 DVBS2/8PSK/MPEG4 been unable to lock for a few days now and a blind scan doesnt pick it up either,regards mdt
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    Fox Crime Africa SD 11428 H DVB-S2/8PSK 30000 3/4 Sid : 02C3 found CW: 31 XX XX XX XX XX XX XX __________________ down or black screen? regards mdt