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    [tutorial] Zgemma H7.S multistream Zeonbud 4.8°E

    how to enable multistream for Zeonbud channels 1. use any channel settings list with Zeonbud channels (cief) or import "" to your settings (from zip file in attachment) 2. use telnet or terminal and use next commands: opkg update opkg upgrade opkg install astra-sm...
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    File Gold Card SRG

    not working anymore. anyone can confirm?
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    WP8.1 Lumia interop unlock (jailbreak)

    Fair warning: interop unlock at your own risk as it can cause some problems and (can) voids your phone warranty. In case of trouble, simple do hard reset or flash new firmware with Lumia Software Recovery Tool Requirements: - Lumia Windows Phone 8.1 with SD card - developer or AppStudio...
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    any newest rp/rk?

    :mecry: ;) hehehe thanks...
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    Diablo WiFi - via2.6 working

    With new Underworld working via2.6 for now working in Diablo WiFi (tested) - FreeX TV porn - 11411 Hor - BIS - - SRG Swiss - 11526 Hor and 12399 Hor here is Underworld
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    VisionNet Channel list

    Upload with Boxloader or STBLoader to box... latest update: 30.07.2008 - names od satellites is fixed - Eurobird 9 9°E added to list
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    Formula 1 in HD

    Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix in HD Intelsat 10-02 & Thor 2/3 (1.0°W) 11531 V 13244 FTA Id: F1inCinema MPEG-2 4:2:0 720p DD5.1 18Mbps
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    Topfield 7700HSCI Channel List

    Topfield 7700HSCI Channel List also compatible with other Topfield models.... for upload use Top Set 2.0 (setup included in attachment) Channel list is maked for exYU peoples Favorites: - exYU - TPS - Polsat - Premiere - Kabel DE - DigitALB - DigiTV - CD Nordic - HD kanali - Ostalo -...
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    Underworld discussion

    new version 1.09 work great :thum: DigitALB screens with Diablo 2.3:
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    Diablo/Underworld Free-X ok again

    FreeX AU working OK again....
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    Diablo rev2.3 discussion

    i get one 2.3 yesterday... no difference in memory... same as 2.2... working is same as 2.2 with Stealth and UnderWorld files also no difference in boot v1.41 in booth Diablo only hope is new software only for 2.3 maybe that give something new to us... in other case, wait for purchase...
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    Sex View with Stealth2.45

    SexView working (but not AU)!!!! just enter active key manualy if active key 08, enter to 04 in Diablo... if active key 06, enter to 03
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    Can Lee - Bulgarian music idol... What is that language???

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    Original SW and tools for VisionNet

    Original SW for VisionNet VN-8000 for this SW no more software or server support.... - 2.03: latest official software for VisionNet After upgrade, go to MENU and enable EMU with 9999999 (if you dont have option Smartcard in MENU) - then reset all keys (MENU - Smartcard - Reset Data - All -...
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    INXTC TV - whats happend?

    Today this channel stop working on official cards... With CS opens, but show logo FreeX Delight :confused: