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    Viark Forever boxes

    It happened to me with the Droi after upgrade to SP1 & leaving it on 192tv for 7? hours, a message appears on the screen about home use/sharing stb switched itself to standby. Switched it back on no problem, I missed the screen message & my wife only had a brief glance of it. I think it's...
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    Viark Forever boxes

    Yeah Thats what I got , fingers crossed for you, if you only renewed 3/4 months ago.
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    Viark Forever boxes

    I just tried the link with my Droi due to be renewed in March. The link works ok & yes because of my expiry date rejected my claim. So just renewed with SP1 & all working ok. Greetings
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    Trying to Re-invent the Wheel ?

    Just seen this on AFN :- They think less wind resistance than a "normal" dish.. yeah sure, whoosh gone. Regards :thum:
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    Viark Droi PT 1.23

    Another update available, via stb PT_1.23 Regards :thum:
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    Lightning Protection

    What lightning protection do members use for their equipment ? I've lost 3 vbox/gbox positioners over the last 5 years, not direct hits but I think induced spike on sensor (reed sw line) stops the box measuring the count accurately, how can I stop this from happening ? Thanks & Regards
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    Vuga Combo H265

    Starting this thread to discuss the Vuga combo H265 it differs from the Vuga Sat by :- firmware, remote control, reported bugs & the addition of a DVB-T/C tuner. It's reported by some to be similar to & supported by the same team that supported the Qviart. It's also had a name change to...
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    Glastonbury Line-up Regards :thum:
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    New Old News

    From here :- Comes this :- " A programme called Weeping Angel describes how to attack a Samsung F800 TV set so that it appears to be off but can still be used...
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    Updated PhantompatchTM5402HD M3

    Updated 146p patch in Tm download centre Have not tested yet. Regards :thum:
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    Phantom Patch TM5402HDM3 009p

    New patch in TM download centre today 009p 03.05.16 for M3 Regards :thum:
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    4.0 W Signal Strength ?

    Can somebody from the UK check their signal strength from the above sat for me please. I have been getting 50% for the last 2 weeks but today 0%, I'm on TP 10934 H 13750 (HBO)It was the only one I could get from this sat, I've checked for any changes but can't find any info only comedy changing...
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    Iditarod Race - Alaska

    Hi, does anybody know of any feeds to Europe for this famous race. Regards :)
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    Key Change 4.8E PowerVU?

    Hi, can anyone confirm key change 4.8E PV Thanks
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    New patch Soon forTM-5402-M3 and TM-F3/5

    There will be new patch this week or sooner TM-5402-M3 and TM-F3/5 Possibility of few practical issues to be fixed as bellow 1- hard station 1/2 2-Default resolution to 1080i 3-auto update keys for PowerVu same as 39East 4- M3U8 list auto update 5-Add correct DVB-S/DVB-S2 display...
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    Hi Everybody

    Hi everybody, greetings from the Outer Hebrides & happy to be a member of the forum