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    UFC. feed. 10e.

    Eutelsat 10E. 11189 H 7000. Need the key. Thanks
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    Ufc fight night. asiasat5 100e

    Ufc fight night. asiasat5 100e. 3930 h 15000. Help finding biss keys thanks
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    ufc feed. eutelsat 10e

    Biss keys if some one find it.
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    Starsat 2000 HD ACE Problem

    starsat sr 2000hd ace had signal problem on asiasat 5 trace tv and other chanels how to fix it thanks
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    VU+ DUO does 4:2:2...............

    hi:) is VU+ DUO does 4:2:2 feed yes or not cuz im ;)planing to bay one thanks:eek: