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    Picture Quality on HDMI Interface

    Hi there Recently I have received my new DF8008 single tuner (V2) receiver, i have noticed that video qulaity is not good as my DM800HD. DM800HD I was using DVI interface on 1080 resolution. now with DF8008 I am using HDMI but quailty is not as good as DM800HD DVI output. My TV suports...
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    Octagon SF8008 or VU+Zero 4K

    Hi Mates, may i know how is the performmace of Octagon SF8008 if we copmare with VU+Zero4K? Mnay Thanks.
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    Amiko Viper 4K51

    Hi, May I know if Amiko Viper 4K51 supports follwing, - Kodi - OpenPLI Image Thanks.
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    S/PDIF Audio

    Hello there, I am using Openpli on my Dreambox and intend to connect SPDIF interface to my 5.1 audio system, i have noticed that even it is connected Dreambox output Audio through DVI interface. could someone guide/explain the best practice for this connection? any related setting...
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    How to check what packages are supported on my C-Line

    Hi I have a C-Line, How I can check what packages are supported on my C-Line? Many Thanks
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    -V 3.2.3 -Update enigma2 (Up to date) -Update Gstreamer *** (on feed) -New exteplayer3 -New emu Oscam 11391 + Ncam 2.0 (Image credit goes to Fairbird)
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    Estar_SIM-BlackHole 3.1

    Estar_SIM-BlackHole 3.1 (backup) V 3.1 -Update Gstreamer To Version 1.11.1 -New enigma2 (a lot of files update) Back-Up Includes, - FlashBackup - YouTube - Working Oscam (PowerVU, BISS Latest keys) - MX Graphite Fast Skin - Asiasat7, Paksat , Nilesat...
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    (Courtesy JASPER) Changes: Size is reduced by deleting four language: cs,fi,pt_BR and ru Estar SIM SSL84 Boot logo Changed ############################################################ ########### During installation refuse the "internet check" and auto update from feeds...
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    - Flashbackup - Oscam - Asiasat+Paksat+Nilesat ************************* - Support for BlackHole skins (the analog arrows), so the original mx-hq9w also works flawless on PLi now - New gstreamer with many fixes - New ca-certificates - OpenPLi now features a overscan wizard which lets...
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    Need your help and suggestion

    Dear Sir, Good Day, I am using DM800HD since last 3 years, now i wish to switch to another/different economical model. could you pls suggest between DM800HDseV2 or VU+ Solo2 or ET9000? my main requirement is to have, - Internal 2.5HD SATA - HDMI - IPTV (openpli GS Images) - more fast and more...
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    How to pacth an image for Estar Sim

    Hi Sir, I have clone DM800HD with e-star sim. Currently I am using MastaG OpenPli4 Gstreamer 1.7.1 e-satr patched image, it is working fine. I want to use MastaG latest OpenPli4 Gstreamer 1.9 version, could you guide me how i can patch this version and use on my receiver. after searching form...
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    SIM2 in DM800HD

    hi Good day, I have clone DM800hd with e-star SIM 1.0, i have couple of questions, 1) Can I use any SIM 2 in my clone receiver? 2) what benefit I am going to get if i change to SIM2 version? 3) what is difference in sim1 and sim2. Thanks
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    Newnigma2 Quick Button Setting

    Good day, I am using 3.3.2 on my DM800. How I can set below, Green Button=Plugins Blue Button=only Newenigma2 Services (I do not want to see other Plugins or options) Quick Button Plugins only gives"Long Press" option, while I wish to have these option with normal press. Many Thanks.
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    > C Band and KU band Setting on Dream Box800HD <

    I am Trying to configure Asiasat3s and NileSat with Dreambox, but not able to choose correct seething of tuner, could some one guide for it. DiSeqC Position 1 Asiasat3s Position 2 None Position 3 None Position 4 Nilesat
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    Driver for DM800 HD

    Dear Mates, I have Cl**e DM800 PVR, I can install the images with SSL82, but it doesn't detect the hardware, how i can solve the issue. It might need old drivers? Is this is the case how I can use SSL82 images with old driver? Thanks.
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    Request: DMM Dream Elite 2.0 Beta SSL76

    Can some one patch DMM Dream Elite 2.0 Beta with SSL76 and upload. Thanks.
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    Proxy Entry e.g. Like Internet Explorer

    Good Day, Is there any image in which i should be able to enter Proxy Server Address manually in my DM800HD, i want to use different proxy server other than my ISP. Regards,
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    Mgcamd on GeminiP2 Enigma2

    I have Install Mgcamd 1.35a in mt DM800HDPVR, if i change the cam to Mgcamd and goes to some Chanel which has BISS key in softcam.key, dreambox restarts, while on CCam 2.2.1 it works fine, no restart. Could someone advise Thanks.
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    Samsung SPVR7400CI

    I have captioned receiver i need USB driver for receiver, Appreciate if someone could help me for this. I tried on net but couldn't find anything. Protek 9500OVR looks identical of this.
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    ART for vplug please

    Happy to see ART is back, could someone post PMKs for Vplug please. Thanks.