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    How to run a cam???

    Hi all, i've tried many times now to get Cccam or oscam working on openatv but no succes. I've installed CCcam and also oscam but none will work. By softcam panel i see cccam and oscam when i press green for start and go out of this panel and come back see by came none selected.... very...
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    Cline with 2 different cards how to add in oscam reader

    Hi all, is it possible to add cline that have 2 different locals as reader in oscam? And if possible could you post example here. regards
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    Csat 032830 need help

    Dear all, have csat 032830 card pc 4.0 (via4.0) but it will not work. How can help me with the good oscam.server file. Tried many AESKEY but no result, i get this error: key to use is not the cuncurren hope to find here someone how can help me. regards:thum:
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    how to configure 4 sids in oscam?

    Dear All, at first merry christmas and a good new year :thum: I have TVV Vlaanderen and C+NL cards and will know how to configre oscam with 4 sids so i can use my cards with 4 sids. Any one any suggestion? regards
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    DM800 HD SE Clone image

    HI, have any one clone image for DM800 HD SE clone?
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    Azbox Primium HD hang on D+ Spain HD

    Hi all, have Azbox Primium HD patched with Enigma2 and Sifteam image. Everything works OK only when i try to watch D+ Spain HD. After to watch 1 channel and try to switch to other channel of D+ Spain than the box stop with working. Have tried also RTI Core finale same problem. Anyone any...
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    script to start only sbox on dreamelite or Nabilo

    Dear All, i've tried to found/comply start/stop script to start only sbox without CCcam so that i can update my local. Found a lot of scripts on many forums but all with sbox_Cccam. Need script for Enigma2 (nabilo/dreamelite) so that sbox start only. Anyone can help me with this? thx
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    Best config for oscam

    Dear all, i use smargo reader with SKY IT 093B in a linux server with Ubuntu. How can post here the best settings for the config with smartreader. The last config that i have found here is from the begin of oscam started with support od Sky and a lot of options is not explained. Like how to...
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    No one of oscam x86 will work

    Dear Members, I run ubuntu 9.10 lts version and no one of the x86 will work on my ubuntu. I've and old version with 712 kb that one works all other that here posted will not start. Have any one a suggestion or wich version i need. I use oscam for my Sk* ***lia card. Will use the last version...
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    RTL4 HD Provider Canaal Digitaal NL on Astra3

    Dear All, i have Canaal Digitaal NL full Card with HD and tried to watch RTL4 HD on Astra3 but screen stay black. Have tried to found the with RTL4 HD but no result so i can make a P line. How now the id of for the RTL 4HD. Tried to found it also on my own machine...
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    How to play AVI files on DM800 HD.

    Hi, have dm800HD with Hard disk on the hard disk have avi files. How can i play this avi files on my dm800. If have anyone any solution let me know... Tried many things no succes. :thum:
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    Webinfo Oscam

    Dear Members, Have Oscam Webinfo? If yes how to start the webinfo. The port 988 is open in my router.
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    Problem with HD Channels on DM800HD

    Hi to all, have problem with all HD channels of 19.2+13.2 and also other sats. When i choose a SD (normal Channel) Everything works fine. Have anyone any idea????:confused:
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    Discussion about CheopsCamD

    what is this? It's a module to connect with CCcam server??
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    Youtubeon Qbox

    I've tried many images but youtube on my box still not working. It crash when i use youtube plugin. How have any idea???
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    HTTP not found when try download??? STILL AVAILIBLE??
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    Settingslist and Skins

    Hi, are Settingslist and Skins availible now for Qbox?? If availible where can i found it. thx
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    DIGI TV which card open

    Hi, How know which card open Digi TV 1W? :rolleyes:
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    Rai Tv

    Hey All, is there a file public of RAI TV for GOLD CARD/FUN CARD???? Any one any INFO??? Cheers
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    Hello all

    Hi, nice to be here. Hope to learn a lot about Sattelite