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    primetime rick hatton no show

    Im carpping myself because all my recievers in the house have lost primetime on me. the duo and the solo and tm have all seemed to have lost it. it says no pids found. ive searched the channel lists available and downloaded them but there still dont either have primetime included or it doesnt...
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    scam sly card

    I have myself a caravan- as the Americans say. seriously i want to ask some advice. I have vu du at the caravan and want to take my slycard up shuff it in the duo and get it to work. i know the usual way is hexkey box number of sly box in cfg cccam but was wondering would scam do it without...
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    What Can a Funcard be Used for these days?

    What can be done with these fun cards I have one from years ago but didn't think these where any use thesebdays
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    Im having big problems with a Tm 500super ,it works when it feels like it,has no boot loader when i FTP. Ill be watching tv and it will suddenly lose signal. usb/null wont connect, one,ive messed around with com setting but still no joy, but think thats more to do with settings on null as its a...
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    duo c lines no n lines yes?

    since a few days ago i can only get n TO WORK NO c WILL NO MATTER WHAT,ANYONE KNOW?
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    vu duu same ip as dm500

    My ip s have messed up dm500 upstairs has same ip has vu duo downstairs. im really confused with this hobby now. i dont know if i should have dhcp on or off if i should have my dyndns set up to box ip or router ip or not at all. please someone put me out of my misery???::::mecry:
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    cfg understood DUO

    Hi folks and happy new year to everyone. Ive just been having a PM with someone about the duo and the cfg files. On my setup i only have one cfg with all 6 lines inside all doing different jobs, problem is if one is freezing i dont know which one it is and so on. I was just wondering how other...
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    wifi options

    Hi guys, Just before i start i would like to wish everyone at sat universe a happy new year and would like to thank evryone who has advised me over my first year in this fantastic hobby. I am wanting to setup a openbox s500 in my bedroom i have my router downstairs with my duo and am wanting to...
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    Uno and epg

    can someone tell me two things firstly on uno what is the best epg to use for motorised channels including uk and what is the process of getting it on the box? 2nd question for the experienced,what is a softcam and does it have to be installed with cccam?
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    Uno Hdmi

    My uno is connected via hdmi and the problem im having is that the tv wont pick it up after its been switched off say the night before onto standby the only way of getting it back on is by pulling the hdmi cable in then out.ive bought a hdmi selector but it still not last box had no...
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    setup vu+ uno

    Just want to say thanks for your help ive done it. much appreciated. Download cccam 2.2.1 for blackhole. copy contents of cccam onto desktop as it is,(dont unrar it) ftp using filezilla or even better dreambox control centre E2. Go into tmp folder in the vu+ uno setiings folder or content...
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    problem uno set up

    i bought a uno yesterday and to be honest dont like it much im used to the technomate tm 500 super which is so easy to use. ive installed blackhole ive tryed to install cams to tmp folder and nothing im dreading trying to put my server details in as i know it will take days to sus it out,ive...
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    please advise tm 500 super

    I am having problems with every UR image i put on this reciever ive set it up with help with motorised dish but ive only managed to put some satellites in,i think theres a bug with usals>anyone know anything about betta images for 500 super
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    Hi there ,WHAT A FORUM

    This forum is impressive thanks for help so far and for putting up with me.:nana:
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    hi technomate tm 500

    hi all,thanks for having me. if anyone is free today i could do with some help setting up my system