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    Uppdated image

    Hi! I am using image newnigma2-unstable-lean-dm500hd-ramiMAHER.nfi i´m wondering if there is an uppdated version of this image. //Mike
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    Stuck in boot

    Hi! Today when i started myDB500HD i´m stuck in boot, i´m using openPli-4.0-sim2-dm500hd-20170329-Houara.nfi This is where i get stuck when i start my DB. Do i have to reinstall image to get past this or is it another way. Please need help. Best regards Mike
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    what decides what image u can use

    Hi! As the title says, what decides what images u can use on a dreambox. What info needs to decide what image to use. Best regards Mike
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    Question about alot :-)

    Hi! Do cccam come with images that u download?? I use openblackhole_sim210-dm500hd_SSl84b today can i change to Basics: Enigma2 4.0: 01.08.2013 Enigma2 Plugins: 03.08.2013 Newnigma2 Plugins: 03.08.2013 DM 500 HD v2 driver: 07.06.2013...
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    Newbee question

    Hi u all! Im new with dreambox, i have a db500hd Devicename: dm500hd Enigma Version: 2011-01-04-experimental Image Version: Experimental 2011-01-13 Frontprozessor Version: VNone Webinterface Version: 1.6.2 #84 What images can i use, and what can i update so i am upp to date whit my DB. Do u guys...
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    Hi new here :-)

    First post here, i just started using dreambox so i am a newbe here :-)