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    61w Am4z0na5 Ke*s For Strong 4653

    Hi, there is a few firmwares that opens nagraII on 61W, for fortec mercury 2 and azbox s700b ntsc. Is there a chance to introduce the ke*s into a strong srt4653x firmware? Thanks in advance.:thum:
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    Latest Telephonica amz ke*s

    Anybody has the keys for open encr. channels on amz?
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    Firmware converter

    Hi, is there a way to convert a firmware (az-box s 700 b ntsc available here: ) to a strong firmware (4651x)? The 1st has an AU embedded to decrypt n46r4 2 amzonas channels prvder 7211. Thanks for your help. Regards.
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    Hi everybody!

    Hello, I'm from Uruguay and I like (of course) all related with satellite reception. Here in south america we all are crazy trying to see some channels from 61W amzonas. These channels are in n46r4 2 and is too difficult to find the k3y5 to see it. All help are recieved gladly. Regards:thum: