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    Max TV (Croatia)

    Is this Max TV (Croatia) package still available card share or now H/W paired? Thanks
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    Update on CS & HW Paired Packages

    CS & HW Packages Questions Hi Guys Can some of you tell me which of the following packages are HardWare Paired please? Im looking to update the favourites lists Bulsatcom 39 East (not including Tandberg) Dolce/Telecom 39 East T-Home 4 West Chello Multicanal 24.5 West Televisa Networks 24.5...
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    Unable to reset password

    I want to reset my password as cant remember it So when I request link to reset it never appears in my mail box Ive checked the junk/spam folder & there's nothing appeared Ive tried this a few times with no success Ive logged in as chrome auto remembers Can anyone assist please??
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    Magtisat & Orange Romania @ Astra 31.5 East

    Can anyone confirm if the Magtisat & Orange Romania packages at 31.5 East are H/W paired? Thanks
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    Amos 4 West Questions

    I have a few of question regarding Amos sat @ 4 West 1) Transponders 10723V 10759V 10806V 10842V 10889V 10925V On some sat info pages it lists Magio TV as the provider & on others it states the package is called T-Home
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    Denktenk forum finished?

    Anyone know whats happened to denktenk site? The one that specialised in cuberevo & ipboxes? Site has been replaced with something completely different Does this mean its offically the end of cuberevo now?:eek: Happy new year :thum:
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    Viasat 4.8 East channel EPG Line up

    Hi Guys Looking for some help with following Im trying to create e2 settings list for viasat packages at 4.8 East Sweden/Norway/Denmark/ etc I know what channels belong to this broadcaster so thats not a problem But am struggling to find out in what order they are listed in the official EPG...
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    Picons on E2 images

    Can Anyone advise how to load/install picons to e2 images Was going to have a go at installing some for 28 East on PKT E2 Where do they go if its not a rude question:D
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    Anyone got SifTeam Enigma2 Extreme Emu Pack

    Can someone upload or link to latest emu pack to work with latest Sifteam Xtreme E2 please
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    Preview,coming soon: SifTeam Extreme Edition rc1 (based on tideglo 0.7.5)

    news for this release: - moved to tideglo 0.7.5 - many fixes on emud and emuclient library - fixed crash log on shutdown - new skin with a full image set (for skin_defeault) - added animated picon, animated providers icons and animated satellites icons - autocrashsubmit configured for sifteam...
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    Mediaplayer functions on E2

    Do the fast forward, rewind, etc & other functions work using mediaplayer on E2? Or am i right in thinking at the moment we can play, record & stop the recordings?:confused:
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    Mounting HDD

    Im having a few issues with my HDD & are trying to mount it in Telnet Can someone remind me how to do it as the moment everything i type its not accepting command:mad: ps its been a long day:confused: Cheers
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    EPG for Enigma2

    Can someone post some simple instructions on how to install one of the EPG's plugins for use with E2 & Cuberevo please-such as Cross EPG Or any other ones that work well Cheers:thum:
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    Sly UK Cards now work on Cuberevo

    On checking last night found my sly uk card works on my Cuberevo box using internal card slot/emu Image is PKT E2 5.6 on USB stick with mgcamd & newcs as internal emu Not sure if many folk were aware of this if its old news please ignore:D Wanted to ask if anyone could post any known issues...
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    ***Mgcamd working on Enigma2 for Cuberevo Boxes***

    In case you didnt know for all of you especially the cable guys Mgcamd is now working on Enigma 2 for Cuberevo & Ip HD Boxes Thanks to Sifteam & everyone else involved in getting this working:thum:
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    ***Loading Enigma 2 using USB stick for Cuberevo/IP Box 9000HD for Newbies***

    ***Loading Enigma 2 using USB stick for Cuberevo for Newbies*** Here's how to load DGS software in flash & have E2 image loaded onto USB stick- advantage over flash is it has bigger memory for all the add ons, etc made simple 1) Install DGS based software into flash using 'Flashtools program'...
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    Alien Skin on E2

    On my Cuberevo box, the Alien skin doesnt display the channel details, ie frequency, etc as its shown along the bottom part of the picture in this post Can someone check to see if the skin on the cuberevo mini/Ipbox 900 is slightly different...
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    Recommendations for EPG on E2

    Ive got PKT 5.5 working great on USB stick & want have a go at installing EPG on it Whats everyone using at present Thanks
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    Flash image & E2 on Usb stick

    Can folk say what flash image they are using if they have E2 on usb stick Ive been using E2 in flash for ages with no problems but want to try E2 on USB stick thanks
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    Settings by Catseye???

    On checking the file ive noticed some channels are missing which i think is due to a software bug with Dreamset-so please hold off downloading & i will update & upload new file Thanks