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    PLI Image Issue

    Hey guys i hope you all doing fine. Please help me on the pli image with ssl84b. i was unable install the both images provided under the thread 84b images in dm800 clone. it gives me error of old image even after installing ssl84b first and then image. i have tried internet explorer as well as...
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    Please Help

    Dear Experts I have Dm800 clone with sim 2.01 and m tuner. I have having problem with images after ramiMAHER-v-12- dated 6/6/11. I cant use any of the patched images after 6/6/11 except PIL from source. Please let me know how i can use the latest images. waiting
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    How to use Rami's Images after V12

    Dear Experts I am unable to use Rami's Images after the version 12. If i install any further version through Dreamup or Browser all goes fine except i dont see video. I can see signal on channel video but i will do the search/scan of on the transponder it dosent show any signal. And no time its...
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    Which HD Box ?

    Dear Experts I have Dm800 (with changed M Tuner)and now looking forward to check another level of watching Satellite tv with more advance and unique features. Please suggest me which box i should buy now which has all features of Dm800 along with new and advance features. The feature which i...
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    DM800 with M tuner

    M tuner works very fine and has increase the signal quality and enabled me to get high symbol rate channels. I got some strange problem with my box with M tuner e.g my box get hanged while on HD channels specifically on 9e. Sometimes audio still comes but video stuck and no response to remote...
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    Dear Experts I wonder why we don't have Picon options for all satellite in other Images than PLI Image. In PLI image we can install picon from all satellite (I am interested in 9E,13E,7E,75E,91E,93E,95E,100E)but none other image provide picon to other than European Satellite. Please help if...
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    Openbox S10 box HD receiver

    New Arrival Openbox S10 HD PVR receiver updating from S9, more competitive Openbox S10 the new model HD receiver out, cover all functions of S9, but most cost effective -PVR HDMI -ETHERNET PORT, can work with CCCAM, and sharing with dreambox server -CA and CI ( DM800HD without CI )...
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    Is high Symbol Rate possible with DM800???

    Dear Experts I have DM 800 with (Alps BSBE2 DVB-S2 tuner) and i am unable to find signal at 100.5E of HD channels which has the symbol rate of 40700-2/3 8PSK. I heard somewhere that old tuner of DM800 would be unable to get searched these high symbol rate frequencies :confused:. Though i might...
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    Dm800 LED Manager

    Guys I was wondering is there any addon or plugin by using which we can use dm800 LED panel (Front led which display channel name etc.) to see the Sat finder details. Actually i was thinking to use dm800 to realign my to specific sat and by using the led panel i could see the signal(sat finder...
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    Tuner configuration of Dm800

    I have a query my lnb is set on 95E actually this lnb setting receives both sat e.g 95e and 93e on any normal receiver. But I couldn't make setting nor in simple or nor in advance to search both satellite on my dm800. i could only search one which is 95e. Please suggest the settings in my dm800...
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    Increase in Signal Quality ???????

    Dear Experts is there any addon/image/plugin or something which enable dm800 to increase the signal quality or lets say if some channels are freezing because of the low signal it boost the signal ( solution should be with Dm800 other than LNB or Dish Alignment). thanks in Advance
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    Diseqc Setting for Dual Monoblock LNB

    Guys I have a Dm800 with Dual Mono-block LNB + Universal LNB (w/o Motor)connected with 2 Switch Diseqc. I could configure in advance setting the Universal LNB which is giving me Sat 91E and i could configure one LNB out of 2 in dual Mono-block which gives me 93E and 95E but unfortunately i am...
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    new version ramiMAHER-v.2-dm800-2011-1-5 #76D

    Dear Rami I have tried both version 1 and 2 niether works for me gives error on first booting and doesnt work further. it seems some software crash error. please help
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    ICC World Cup 2011

    A BRIEF HISTORY OF WORLD CUP CRICKET The ICC runs a number of tournaments and events. The first, the World Cup, was launched in 1975 (the women had staged their own competition two years earlier) and in 1979 they held the first ICC Trophy, a one-day event for Associate members. In 1998 the...
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    Indian Section

    ICC Cricket World Cup in the High Definition (HD) ESPN STAR Sports (ESS), Asia’s number one sports broadcaster & ICC’s global Broadcast & Production Partner, has shared grand plans to make the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 presentation truly entertaining and engaging at a press conference in New...
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    Startrack 200 IP Address Issue

    Startrack 2000 IP Address Issue Guys i have a strange problem with Startrack 2000, it doesnt save IP Address, Once channel changed ip address gone. Please let me know how to save the IP address in it ?
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    Does Openbox S9 Support NewCS

    Does Openbox S9 Support NewCS?? Dear Techess Please tell me that Openbox S9 (Chinese ) Support Newcs or Not or i have to add some plugin or addon to support the NewCs
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    Irdeto Smart Card

    Hi Guys Can somebody tell me how and where to use Smart card code so that my Dm800 can read it I have Irdeto 5.7 with Gemini 5.01
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    All About DM800 Clone

    Hi Techees I am a newbee so please let me know about DM800 so that i can utilize it best way. What I have :- DM800 (Clone) Tuner:- ALPS BL:- 76 Sim:- 2.01 Image as Default Having :- Gemini 5.01 Currently Installed Image:- newnigma2-snapshot-dm800-6-10-sim2-ramiMAHER My Queries are- a)...
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    Which Image is the best

    Hi Guys please suggest me best and latest Image for Dm800 HD Clone and how i can update the same.