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    How to set up DiSEqC 1.2 Motorized H-H Motor

    How to set up DiSEqC 1.2 Motorized H-H Motor
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    DvbXtreme ARION Style Panel by lukas1994

    Panel edited with Druid v0.603. In receiver sent with Ferguson Panel Loader.
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    RTS Sat na satelitu Astra 19,2°E

    Frekvencija: 11023,25 MHz Polarizacija: H SR: 22,000 Msps FEC: 5/6 Ukupan protok 4,0Mbps Početak probnog emitiranja: 15.05.2011. Završetak probnog emitiranja i početak komercijalnog emitiranja na satelitu Astra 19,2°E : 01.06.2011 u 00:00 ČET Prestanak emitiranja programa RTS Sat na...
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    New SBCl For Bulsat, C+NL, AustriaSat and TNT. Open and first read info! :D
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    Useful things to Arion A07_key_sender, Arioner v0.25 and v0.27, AUC_HEdit v0.97, AutoArioner, DarHol Channel Editor 0.72 and 0.8, software and channel list