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    problem with ustvnow on iptv player

    Hello. I have a problem with ustvnow on iptv player plugin. Everytime i open a channel, i get this message "could not determine type of stream code 4" any solutions please?
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    Lost French Channels on Astra 19.2°E 12324 V

    Astra 19.2 ° E 12324 V 27500 DVB -S - 8608 [ M6 Music Club ] - 8601 [ Canal J ] - 8607 [channel h] Channels are gone from this frequency! :(
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    Oscam ymod on E2 Vu+ Solo

    Can anyone help me install oscam ymod on Vu+ solo (VIX image)?? I have downloaded these files but i'm not sure how to do it: enigma2-plugin-cams-oscam-ymodv18-48_vix_all.ipk e2-oscam-ymodv18-t48.tar Any help please??
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    clone vu+ solo softcam.key

    Hello. i have a clone vu+ solo with software "openvix-Helios.001-vusolo_usb_Ferrari_V3a". How i can put a new softcam.key? Any help please??
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    Austriasat & Mtv (Astra 19,2)

    Καλησπερα!! ξερει κανεις αν θα ανοιξει παλι το πακετακι αυτο?(austriasat) Το πακετο περιλαμβανει και Τα καναλια του Μtv στον Astra τα οποια κλειδωσαν παλι πριν λιγες μερες...
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    hello from Greece

    hello everyone!! i'm Nick from Greece! is very helpful for my metabox!! Thank you!!