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    15°W 12608H ESPN 901/902 Keys

    I have suddenly lost signal in both ESPN 901 and 902 in 15W. Can you guys still see them?
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    Tennis Feeds

    Eutelsat 7A/B ( 7.0E ) 12703 V 7400 ID: Adhoc Enc 6 Event: United Cup
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    Davis Cup feeds encryption???

    And could anyone find CW for the feeds in 19.2E? Old CWs not working anymore, and I can't find c8 19.2E 11407 V 26000 4:2:0 MM2 Service 1/2/3
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    Discussion about all FEEDs

    Yesterday this feed was published: 16E 11126 H 5000 4:2:0 ID: RAI ITA 100A FTA And I can only find audio transponders here. Also, it seems encrypted. Can anyone get FTA images today?
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    Discussion about all FEEDs

    Do you know in which thread? Can't find anything using the search tool
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    Discussion about all FEEDs

    Yes, no worries, and thanks for the other frequencies. I was asking because sometimes there are two close frequencies and it gets difficult to find the one you want. Seems to be only one here. Yes, 11043 and 11061 are two of the basketball feeds. So two other feeds missing today. There are...
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    Discussion about all FEEDs

    Do you guys see basketball here? I see rugby 7.0 East 10960 H 7200 | 4:2:0 ID: CHEVC2 (EBUER) FIBA World Cup (biss basketball section)
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    Signal in 11131 v 15000 7E

    Anyone else having problems with signal in 11131 v 15000, 7E? It was good all day, weather is perfect, zero wind, and suddenly signal is very poor. Wondering is they sometimes change the signal intensity in the satellite or something similar?
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    Discussion about all FEEDs

    Do you guys have signal here? Eutelsat 21B ( 21.6°E ) 11597 Horizontal 3999,938 DVB-S2 - 4:2:0 - 8PSK ID: (empty) Event: ATP MARRAKECH I don't. Found signal in similar coordinates: 11559 h 5000 and 11559 v 5000. But same cw not working there.
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    Found thank you. Also 10723 v 32110
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    I will try to find it! Is 10771 v 5455 in 21.6E? Channel name is service-1? I have signal in that frequency, apparently in between 19.2 and 23.5
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    Could anyone please tell me a regular channel with strong signal either in the Wide or Western beams in 21.6E? I used to have good signal for 10856 v 30000, but can't find it anymore and I can't lock the satellite with my dish. Actually getting signal of frequencies in 23.5E just until I start...
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    Discussion about all FEEDs

    Any feeds for Jeddah F1 race?
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    Signal in tennis feeds 7E

    London, 125cm. But just asking if other people can see it without any issues, or maybe lower signal today, etc.
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    Signal in tennis feeds 7E

    Do you guys have signal today in 7E 11127 v 7500? Signal is going on and off all the time for me.
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    pc card

    Any recommendation for pc cards? At the moment I have an old technisat skystar HD2 and that's probably the reason why the pictures in some transmissions don't flow very smoothly. My graphics card is not super good (GeForce GTX 750 Ti 4GB), so I guess I need something low or mid range. I used...
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    receiver to move motorized satellite dish

    Hello, I need to buy a receiver to move a motorized satellite dish. I used to have a clarke tech 2100+ which worked very well for many years, all was very quick and simple. But I don't have it any more. Any recommendations? I don't need anything else from the receiver, since I will be using my...
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    plugins in smartdvb

    How do you activate plugins in smartdvb? I copy-pasted my plugins folder from dvbviewer pro to the smartdvb folder but it doesn't seem to work