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    Satellite equipment and signal in Netherlands

    I have prime focus 2.40 what is the best lnb for feeds ? Currently i have invacom flange 0.3 most of feeds are coming with 63%-69%. Suggestions for a better lnb? Thanks
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    Vivacom Hot Bird@ 13° E

    Vivacom started again with channels 12615 signal levels again very high. South eastern europe wave frontier t90 dish
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    Vivacom Hot Bird@ 13° E

    My opinion is that it might be just testing and not something permanent, usually when there is something like that there is announcement from Eutelsat that ... i.e. Vivacom starts from 13 east etc ... there is not such a thing i have not seen it until now.
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    biss 2 caid 2610 is opening with any receiver like gt combo?
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    In GT COMBO biss key autoroll as standard? Because in v8x you need to buy mars line ...
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    Badr-8 has started @ 26°E

    Extreme south East Europe.
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    Badr-8 has started @ 26°E

    None of these frequencies have signal in my area, i just tried.
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    Encrypted Feeds (Requests for Keys Only. DO NOT POST KEYS IN THIS THREAD!!! USE THE KEYS SECTION)

    Hellas Sat 39e 12.551H SR 07200 LIVE BORADCASTING LINE 1 ERICSSON CW??
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    Which firmware work best? I am waiting this receiver to arrive. I will just use it for feeds 4:2:0 football.
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    Badr-8 has started @ 26°E

    84% signal is in Uk? If that is the case further south should be 100%
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    Badr-8 @ 26 east

    Its very long time since the launch of this satellite back on May. I think testing and general operations is just a matter of days!
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    Qviart Dual 4k Uhd Linux Enigma2+Android 9.0 Combo Review & Setup Guide Experimental Receiver

    Thank you for this information, it seems that to buy dual vs viark sat 4k the second box sounds a better option except something else is out in the market soon.
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    Qviart Dual 4k Uhd Linux Enigma2+Android 9.0 Combo Review & Setup Guide Experimental Receiver

    Regarding sp codes is it working ok? For example it is necessary someone to buy ali boxes or qviart dual does the job satisfactory? Thanks.
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    Qviart Dual 4k Uhd Linux Enigma2+Android 9.0 Combo Review & Setup Guide Experimental Receiver

    I am considering to buy this box, currently i have novaler 4k se. Are you happy with it? Regards iks works nice? Thanks in advance.
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    Novaler 4k MULTIBOX

    Hi if anyone has test this receiver to give us informations if for example has english and other languages ?
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    Nova - Ote - Digitalb again on cccam?

    There is a rumour that serial number of cards can be ginen to someone that runs the card and provides emu in receiver then you can run cccam. Is this info confirmed by anyone?
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    Problem when i go in mct package

    I run mgcamd newcs and i have someone giving mct 0.388 ecm response but when i go in mct i have picture freeze and only it needs a reboot (bug / ) ? someone has same problem? solution?
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    Readers not identify digitalb card!

    Anyone who has managed to see digitalb via ipbox 9000 slots ? And how he solve issue?
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    problem in tuner?

    I have the following problem. After doing zapping in hotbird after say 30-40 minutes the picture freeze and sound continues and even in free to air channels. I have sif 0.9 image with both gox and newcamd running. Any idea of what happens? I think i had same problem and when using nlb...