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    Rover Master STC

    Hi everybody and a merry christmas, I have the above meter ,there is a pdf of the previous model but none for my later model, although there is a abbreviated form of one.I am running Linux ,so I can,t use rovers memory plans,which is just for windows .I am trying to change the 3 transponders in...
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    New purchase.

    Considering buying a Wetek play 2s,been reading up on the forum and come to this conclusion.Could anybody advise otherwise,or recommend where to purchase.Im looking to watch dvb s2 and iptv,also kodi. Regards.
  3. E 1.38

    downloaded mg cam 1.38 from Ts panel,is this suitable for opening Bulsat
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    Mg cam 1 38 and Bulsat keys.

    :confused::confused:experimenting with my Vu+ solo 2 box,tried mg camd 1-38 and 1-38c downloaded through Tspanel.Installed no problem but not to sure which e2 keys,tried various keys but no joy,stuck at present.
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    hello everybody,just joined the forum,hope I can make a contribution. regards.