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    EkPair and HwKey

    Hey Who can point me in the right direction to to get some knowhow on this matter. If I have understood everything correct you need to extract the keys from the original box. With some technical competence, i´ll guess this could be done. Is there any general tutorial on how to do this, not to...
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    Best mdapi for latest mediaportal 1.1 beta

    I´ve tried the latest mdapi fall2 2009 and ncsclient, but i´m having som issues with switching between lnb´s and failed to start the tv service after stopping it. Anyone having the ultimate mdapi setup and config for the latest mediaportal 1.1 beta to share? Wich client (acamd, ncsclient...
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    Problem with dm100 and xloader

    I managed to flash my dm100 with a new image (to get the expert panel and cccam) using xloader 3.2. Everything worked fine, though after one day the tuner stopped working. I get no signal from the sattelite at all. I guessed that it was the image that caused the problem, so i tried to flash it...
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    Hey people

    New to this forum! Seems like a good place for dreambox stuff! Been hanging around on some swedish forums. But, thought that there would be more competence here. Hopefully I will be able to contribute with something to! Cheers!