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    Amiko A3 simple - A*f*N

    Hello, Are there any plugins taht can use a softcam k*e*y file, or anything elese, for opening A*F*N on 9E? I have an Amiko A3 simple - NOT COMBO. Thank you.
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    Amiko Alien 1 stuck on LOAD

    Hello, I have an Amiko Alien 1 running Spark and Enigma2. It worked great since I bought it, 3 years ago. But yesturday I stumbled into a problem. I turn it on as usual and it remains stuck on LOAD. Boot - 3 seconds - LOAD - it stays this way, it won't go further. I've uploaded Spark Rescue...
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    CSat on Ymod

    Is there a working softcam do you advise on using with Ymod to open Csat - Astra 19.2°E 12610 V 27500? Has anyone else tried to open with OScam Ymod? Thank you. Enigma 2 Sh4
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    Travel Channel HD

    Is Travel Channel HD open in any package with keys ?
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    UK Fresat Plugin

    Hello, Is there a new version of FILM ON Tv plugin for SH4 boxes, that can open UK Freesat Channels (BBC/Channel4)? No version of FILM ON is working. Or any alternatives ? Thank you.