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    vU uno 4k se not flash

    Is ther nobody around here who can help me in the above case?
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    vU uno 4k se not flash

    hy to all, I do have a vuuno4k and a "fatal error: Boot 2nd image failed", this is shoun at the in the Hyper Terminal on the end. Can anyone help me in that case? Would highly be appreciated. The usb entries at the box do not work. Thanks in advance
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    original Image for VU+ solo se 2.1

    hi, does anybody can provide me with the Image 2.1 original for se VU+ solose? The one which should be aviable is not thre anymore. thanks a lot bibo2
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    hi to all

    hello, I just want to say hello to this community hier. Iam impressed about the first look int the board! You will see me now more often here. greetings bibo2