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    Discussion about all FEEDs

    the odd feed pops up here and there like thedazn boxing one which was fta last weekend but yea i hear what youre saying mate, thanks again :)
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    Discussion about all FEEDs

    yea was just thinking its easier as sometimes when i search it doesnt work properly but yea seems like more hassle then what its worth thanks mate :)
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    Discussion about all FEEDs

    hey @barney115 is it possible to have a thread for all feeds that are for 28.2E only? as you know theres many satellites out there but many have just a mini dish set up and would be handy instead of having to troll the forums just to find the feeds specifically on 28.2E, just an idea
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    Discussion about all FEEDs

    How about generally speaking any decent feeds pop up on 28.2E? I remember not much coming up but when I was last on the satellite scene there were some footy feeds popping up here and there
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    Discussion about all FEEDs

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    Discussion about all FEEDs

    Hey guys do any feeds for football and boxing/MMA come on 28.2E at all these days?
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    Cant reset my password

    Brilliant all in thanks How's it going @barney115 ? Been a long time
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    The Boxing & MMA Chat Thread

    hey peeps, so i thought we could do with a boxing and mma chat thread tonight is dillian whyte v lucas browne, so whats your predictions for tonights fight?
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    UFC Fight Night 38 London To Air On Channel 5

    Channel 5 will air the upcoming Ultimate Fighting Championship event from the O2 Arena in London. UFC Fight Night London 38 will be the first official UFC event to be broadcast live to a terrestrial audience for free in the UK on March 8. Live broadcast of the UFC FIGHT NIGHT LONDON...
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    MMA (UFC/Bellator etc) on Sat TV...

    hey peeps, i thought it would be better to stick to one thread for MMA Events, like the boxing thread! :thum: UFC 167: St Pierre v Hendricks Live From The MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada UFC Welterweight Championship Georges St-Pierre v Johny Hendricks Light Heavyweight Contest...
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    Floyd Mayweather Jr v Saul Alvarez

    hey peeps, i've posted the listings of what channels the fight is going to come on here... IMO i think Mayweather v Alvarez has the best fight card for many many years, Danny Garcia v Lucas Matthysse is worthy of being the main...
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    FTA Movies...

    hey peeps, i thought we could have a FTA movies thread, so at least if anyone spots any, just pop the details, freq etc... Stolen (Nicholas Cage) Sama TV - 8W - 11054 H 22000 Fec: 1/2 not sure when it started but its on now with English language with Arabic subtitles! Enjoy! :)
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    Behind Enemy Lines - FTA Movie...

    hey peeps, Behind Enemy Lines (Owen Wilson, Gene Hackman) Sama AlMosul - 3E - 11516 H 2222 Fec: 3/4 not sure when it started but its on now with English language with Arabic subtitles, really good movie! :) Enjoy! :)
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    Biss Keys dm800se how????

    hey peeps, i've been looking all over and just cant seem to get my head around this, but how do i input biss keys on my dm800se? can anyone guide me please? i've tried putting serojas softcam in keys folder but doesnt clear channels on 10e by the way i've got dm800se with openpli image, im...
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    hey peeps....

    im saj, lovin the forum. how did i not find this place before? lol im a newbie to satellite, got a 90cm motorised set up! :)