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    xtream iptv!

    I have DM900, and the backup image has Xtream plugin for iptv!. Could someone please inform me how to connect to the server? I have already paid the subscription, but do not know how to validate or operate it.:confused:
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    GP4 update wipes out my HDD configuration on DM920

    After updating my GP4 image, I couldn't record on my internal HDD!. A message appears that no HDD available!! what to do?
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    Satellite xml file!

    On Dream Elite 4, I tried to update my satellite xml file thru the usual route var/tuxbox!. Well I didn't find anything there!! Does anyone know what is the proper route for satellite xml on this image?
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    Satellite xml in DE image!

    Anyone knows where to ftb sat xml file in Dream Elite image... It seems that var/tux does not have it.
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    How to install xml file?

    Could anyone please inform me how to install xml file in Cube Revo 9000 DGS based images? I am tired of searching for channels manually.
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    How to install xml file?

    Could anyone please inform me how to install a new xml file in Cube Revo DGS Based? I am tierd of manually searching for channels.
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    New BMT 1.5 does not support mgcamd?

    I installed this image, and when I put my file, it does not work. Although I can see mgcamd when pressing green button, nothing happens!!!
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    Front LED Display of DM800seHD does not work!

    I bought my dm800se HD, and the front panel colored display was fine. I installed the internal hdd, and suddenly the lights became very dim, and then stopped completely!!! Does anyone have a clue?
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    A stange behavier from Mini!

    I have had a strange behavier with the setting of usals on my mini. After I set it up with my local long. and lat., and using it for sometime, all of a sudden, it does not move the motor! when I checked it, I found that these have been changed to zeros!, I set it up again, but lost it again in...
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    DGStation Official Site?

    Anyone knows the official site for the manufacturers of Cube Revo? Their original site seems out of date now.
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    "Delete and Hide" function not available on PGI 0.8.1!

    The image is great, and I think it is the best thing ever happened the Cube Revo!. However, the (i) button function for "delete" and "hide" channels is no longer functioning! PC Editor is only for uploading file, not downloading! There are still so many bugs on this image... but I will keep it.
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    How to reach Add ons, on PGI 8.1?

    I upgraged my Cube Revo Mini (900), to the new image PGI 8.1, and now need to install soft cams (cccam, and mgcamd). How to reach the Add on selection? Any Idea?
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    is BL upgradable?

    I bought a clone DM8000HD, and found that it came with BL73! I called the seller, and he told me I can upgrade the BL thru the Ferrari site online!!! is that true? can I upgrade the boot loader?
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    How to add softcams (emu's) to sif image on 900?

    I have tried to add mgcamd by pressing (0), but the wait is forever. When I press the blue button, I can get the normal addons. Is there I file I should install to get the softcams?
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    Programming sats on motorized dish!

    I have a motorised dish using DiSEqC 1.2, and a dreambox 500, and I managed to program only 19 sats up to 72E. When I try to add more, I cannot find any sats after 72E in the positioner section, although in my area we can receive Asiasat at 105E, and the motor can reach it manually! Maybe if...
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    Help with SIF!

    I have changed from Sif to NLB, but, when I came back, and moved to Sif 1.8, and 1.9 images, I couldn't connect to the server to download emus!! is there a solution? I tried to put incubus files in var/bin, but it didn't install. Appreciate your quick answer.
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    Please help!

    I have just got my IP Box 9000. HD channels sometime are blackened!!!, I need to reboot to get them back, and only for a while. Any suggestions? BTW: nothing is wrong with my LNB, or HDML cable, I tried them with my Dreambox 800 and all are fine. Also, what is the best stable image yet for this...