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    oscam bad requests

    Hello, For several months (7-8), I used stable oscam 1.10, it works really stable. To clarify: I use oscam, as a client on my two receivers and one as server <->client, for general server i use cccam. Yesterday out of curiosity I decided to test last versions, but I noticed that they do many...
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    OSCam - DM 500s

    Hello Can anyone say why the latest versions of oscam, after 4934, can not be run on DM 500s? Thanks!
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    VIA 4.0 XXX?

    Hello Currently, these channels: Dorcel TV, Free-X TV, XTSY by Free-X TV 2, X-Dream TV, French Lover TV (13E), open it with card VIA 4.0 and if it opens with what CAID? Thanks!
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    Oscam - irdeto2 card

    Hello Which version of Oscam, works best stable irdeto2 card? What is the maximum number of users that I can give N-line of Oscam? Thanks!
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    newcs_1.67 + CCcam_2.1.3

    Hello colleagues; I have the following problem: Of DM 500s are installed, newcs_1.67 + CCcam_2.1.3, works well. But when restart the electricity, newcs, could not read the card. When you reset it manually remote, no problems, works. I want when I restart the electricity to start two emulator...