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    Latest Infinity View firmware

    17/6/2010 Infinity View IV2010
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    Enhanced EPG

    [v0.05] Enhanced EPG (Favourite event TAGs, direct AutoRecorder / AutoTimer support) Enhanced EPG view supporting unlimited amount of programme favourite images. In the favourite configuration file the user can specify any number of images and their corresponding match words for the programme...
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    'Doctor Who' Series 5 to Premiere April 3 in UK

    'Doctor Who' Series 5 to Premiere April 3 in UK After waiting several months for the news, fans of the British sci-fi show Doctor Who have finally gotten news of a premiere date for the show's fifth series. That premiere date is April 3, Easter Saturday, as had been previously speculated by...
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    DirecTV to debut world's first 3D HDTV channel

    DirecTV to debut world's first 3D HDTV channel DirecTV's launching a new satellite tonight, giving them beaucoups bandwidth for the world's first all-HD 3D channel. The satellite provider plans to populate that channel with movies, sports and other 3D programs. There's not much technical...
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    CCTV website to be replaced by internet TV

    CCTV website to be replaced by internet TV China Central Television's (CCTV) newly launched internet TV is set to replace its website from 2010, reported on Tuesday. The current channels of China Network Television (CNTV) include news, sports, entertainments and podcasts. It will...
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    MOTORZ TV Premieres on MavTV HD February 7th 2010

    MOTORZ TV Premieres on MavTV HD February 7th 2010 Duke Networks, LLC is proud to announce season 3 of its hit DIY automotive show MOTORZ TV™ ( will premiere on the MavTV cable and satellite network beginning Sunday, February 7th, 2010. Hosted by Chris Duke, the popular show will air on MavTV...
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    Latest update Morbox

    24/9/2009 The First of Firmware Morebox (for beta) after starting experimental! You will also find attached the new loader, but you can still use the loader ALIMUPG55
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    Official Cas data for ETA, ZETA, EPSILON, ALI3329b, ALI3329b-DVR & ALI3329C series:

    Official Cas data for all series CAS DATA For ETA, ZETA, EPSILON, ALI3329b, ALI3329b-DVR & ALI3329C series Art & Sht OK
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    Firmware bug signal

    Firmwares bug signal:thum: beta & alpha
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    discussion about seca 006C - 006A next July

    Fake Keys
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    Latest update COCOMCR CARD for Strong

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    فريق الكينج مع الجزيرة اتو

    فريق الكينج مع الجزيرة اتو تمكن فريق الكينج من فتح الجزيرة اتو على الكريستور كينج اليوم هذا خبر سار ولكن الخبر السيء هو انه الغوريتم الجزيرة كبير ولا يمكن وضع على الموديل الاخير l’Atlas/M3S2 وترك باقي الموديلات اذن لايتم اصدار الفلاش لنوع وترك البقية لهذا سيقوم الفريق باعادة هيكلة السفتوير لربح...
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    Converter Vista card to Coco mcr

    Converter Vista card to Coco mcr
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    International Passport's Record Bureau.

    Simply enter your first and last name and select your country from the list below. It will show you a picture of your passport :) www.scrolllo home.htm
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    Mbc Max

    Thursday 15 Jan 4:00 KSA 01:00 GMT Shut Up and Kiss Me Each meets the women of their dreams on the same day. Ryan knocks heads in an elevator with the gorgeous Jessica passing out before getting her number. Pete falls for the insatiable Tiara but Tiara's Uncle is mob boss Vincent Bublione (...
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    Latest SonicView Firmwares

    News : Charlie Blackout FIXED Files for North America (USA & Canada)
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    Latest Pansat Firmware

    friday, january 9, 2009 New Fixes... All Apdate keys for North America (USA & Canada)
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    Rai Italia Africa goes to encode em Seca3

    After two unsuccessful attempts to change the encryption key, and given the increasing pressure of Sky Italy, RAI has changed his technique the consolidated version RaiItalia Africa, which broadcasts as a bridge connecting on Hotbird 13. Already in October 2007 and October 2008, Rai has taken...
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    Sex On Tv New 3 Channels On Hotbird 13E

    Hi i just want to let Know everyone that SEX ON TV going to launch 3 more channels on Hotbird 13east FREQ:-11411 H 27500 5/6 1)SEX ON TV CRYSTAL 2)SEX ON TV SILVER 3)SEX ON TV CLASSICS So retune this Frequency to get these channels may be start at any time.:clapping:
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    Mas TV (España)

    En Hispasat 1C (30W), • Mas TV (España) está en abierto (11931 MHz, pol.H SR:27500 FEC:3/4 SID:24 PID:4810/4811 Español).=====> FTA