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    xtra tc new card

    hi my friends, ı bought new white xtra tv card ı could not open any channels with oscam and scam how can ı share or watch it? ı use vu+ ultimo - solo and dm 500s... waiting your help please...
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    ı need af 1900 cı srg and digiturk fw

    hi ı need termal af 1900 cı dvbxtreme srg and digiturk fw sw or working key file arion programmer has given it but it doesn seem in forum anyone know a fw that working packages with oscam?
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    JACK MODULE - JackCam Soft 1.4.4 - Whats Open?

    which package opens? edit: Moved from "CAM Files" section, which is for Files only, to the CHAT section. @ALL. PLEASE REMEMBER KEY THREADS = KEYS ONLY, FILE THREADS = FILES ONLY, We have numerous totally separate and distinct CHAT threads for a REASON, Please Remember to USE THEM! :)
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    sepha card digiturk 664 ?

    ı have a friend in skype he is from germany. he says there is a card name sepha and ıt will be seen in a few weeks and its digiturk 7e hd card... is there anybody see or heart this card?
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    Cablecom (Swiss Cable Network) *** Chat Only Here, No Keys ***

    is this package srg swiss 13e ı know that it uses only viacess
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    Anybody use Dragon Card Converter?

    are there anybody that try this way?
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    is sbcl vplug possible with ferguson af series dvbextreme?

    hii can we wath viaccess 2.6 crypted channels with sbcl vplug in ferguson af series dvbextreme af7 rc7 ı have never study sbcl vplug with ferguson can you have a plugin my friends?