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    Can anyone tell what series of Nagravision is being used? Elementary Stream PID 4130 (0x1022) H.264 Video Descriptor: CA Descriptor CA System ID: 6288 (0x1890) Nagravision CA PID 1316 (0x0524) Descriptor: CA Descriptor CA System ID: 6208 (0x1840) Nagravision CA PID 292 (0x0124) Descriptor...
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    Oscam - PBNIGMA

    I have successfully installed PBNIGMA on my Wetek Play, and its really good. My only problem is that I need a Oscam for dummies, as I have no idea how to make the EMU operate. Is there a guide that I could use to setup the Oscam Emu? Right now when am on a channel, the screen says - Can't find...
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    Recommendation for Wetek Play

    Hey Everyone: I am using OpenELEC 6 on my WetekPlay but I would like to know what other people are using and how they like it. SO what is the best system for the WetekPlay with the DVB Module added? Your comments are much appreciated!
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    Neyrinck Dolby E Crack

    Hi All: Does anyone have a valid copy of the "Neyrinck Dolby E Crack"? XXXXXXXXXXXX Thanks!:thum:
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    AZBOX Premium HD+ Biss Plugin

    Hello everyone I am looking for a BISS plugin for my AZBOX Premium HD+. Can someone send me in the correct direction or PM me please on this matter. bigredmachine230!:thum: