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    TechniSat SkyStar 2 eXpress HD install drive in Linux

    this article was written by me ,this process has been tested with the last version of Ubuntu (17.10) codename:Artful Aardvark to understand this this process, please follow my inst and I hope it’s well be helpful for all...
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    windows media center working with all BDA DVB-s card

    this discussion subject about testing windows media center to work with DVB-S card (just BDA driver) in windows 10 pro for me i was tested this App with my card (sky star 2 express) for more than two month but i preparing universal subject for it until now i was facing two issue can't update...
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    Tutorials for DVB Dream 2.7.3 with Sky Star 2 Express HD

    welcome to my Tutorials video clip about how to setup the last version for DVB Dream and setting to let Sky Star 2 Express Hd working with Device B2C2 SDk with searching channels and switch between two Satellite channels and show some faulty error when start the App video clip about how...
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    PowerVU working with Smart DVB beta version until now

    now the smart DVB support PowerVU but need for more feedback in different sat to confirm it working fine for that it for test this message form head development for Smart DVB SMART DVB Beta version support PowerVU some snapshot for bwtv working fine with PowerVU Emu 1.7 & 1.9
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    Tutorials for TSReader with PowerVU Emu 1.9

    TSReader V.2.8.47c Full version PowerVU Emu 1.9 b4Dih83-uKI&feature
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    Sky Star 2 Express HD owner

    This the second article about this DVB-S card Which is the only card working with two driver mode the new BDA Driver and second WDM with DVB-S application With testing the new Encryption PowerVu with new Module for DVB Dream I had faced a problem with WDM driver used DVB Dream and the...
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    OpenPCTV (enigma2 on pc)

    Welcome my fiends I like to talk about this new OS (Linux distribution) which you can installing it in you pc With you DVB-S & DVB-S2, card support First What is OPENPCTV? OpenPCTV is a XBMC-based open source Linux distribution for personal computers and embedded system to be...
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    DVBViewer_Filter 3.9.0

    DVBViewer Filter 3.9 auto installer by ALPHA TEAM by ALPHA TEAM 23/2/2015 Download link
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    How to DVBViewer Recording Service beta with DVBViewer pro

    hi members I like to put the instructions to set recording server with DVBViewer and I hope that thread will be easy to read supported with a snapshots for procedures to create the DVBViewer media server and the DVBViewer pro working fine without any problem with encryption channels also...
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    thanks man after I had check some script I found there a standard format the CMUV used In original script for doing that after I modified my script you can installed the App the Recording Service without any error message thanks for help me by tell me there was I problem plz re download...
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    How to let Sky Star 2 Express HD Working with ALT DVB by using DEV_SS2SDK

    First I like to Welcome everyone to Read this subject frequently I put this subject in Arabic language By this Date 31/1/2014 and now I like to put it here in English to be useful for how have this Card really it's very good now please follow the step by step to work with you without...
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    ProgDVB cracker by TAKKI

    new version 6/6/2014 ProgDVB v7.05.4 Cracked