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    How to set up remote server (peer) using Oscam / newcamd?

    Hello So i have Oscam setup as my local card reader, and that part is working just fine, but struggling to set up remote server (my peers) within Oscam using newcamd? I can get it working with cccam, but I'd like to get it working with newcamd to see if that will fix ecm spiking problem with...
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    Recommended PCI Sat Card to recorded full encrypted channel?

    Hello I need to purchase a PCI satellite card that will allow me to record encrypted channel including **** data etc to use as TS with CSA RTT. Also needs to be fully x.264 compatible for playback (unlike my AZBOX!). I've always used STB until now, so would like to hear recommendations for the...
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    Unable to obtain crypt8. Where am I going wrong please?

    Hello Using CSA Rainbow Table Tool V1.x I'm trying to obtain crypt8 from 2 minute TS file (with **** data), but unable to find. I've tried leave PID, Pl size and file limit blank, and also tried with PID, but here is the only message I receive... Where am I going wrong please?
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    How to manually add new satellite (for feeds) via dreamboxedit?

    Hello I like to keep my feeds separate, so would like to add a new satellite via dreamboxedit, but unable to work out how to do this? Is it possible please? Thank you
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    Any images with H.263 codec capable of decoding 4:2:2 MPEG-4 feeds?

    Hello Currently running Open RSI 2.1 but just discovered that it's not capable of decoding 4:2:2 MPEG-4 feeds. I understand that this is not the image problem, but due to lack of codec. Are there any new images that have the H.263 codec to make it capable of decoding such feeds please? Thank you
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    AZBOX MultiCAS - 'new_biss.key' not picking up new BISS key?!

    Hello I have AZBOX Prem HD running OFW. I have a known working feed BISS key I'm trying to enter by editing 'new_biss.key' (/PLUGINS/OpenXCAS/MultiCAS), but it's not being picked up?! I can confirm I have also already tried the BISS plugin, but that didn't work either. Any suggestions please?
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    AZBox Enigma 2. How to obtain Pids for use with feeds?

    Hello I'm trying to understand the various different Pids shown in Enigma 2 info screen 2, in order to obtain the correct ones so as to use with CW for a feed. Take BBC One 28.2E for example, Enigma shows... Using King Of Sat, I THINK SID=06301 and VPID=5000, but what do the rest relate to...
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    Enigma 2 key location /usr/keys correct? Nothing clearing?!

    Hello I've got the following three files... AutoRoll.Key SoftCam.Key ...all latest which I FTP'ed to /usr/keys and also to /usr/scce (after reading somewhere they also need to be here), but nothing clears. I've tried with cccam and mgcamd. Are these files in the right place...
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    Recommended CUDA graphics card? Thinking of getting ASUS GTX 660

    Hello I'm thinking of getting either the ASUS GTX 660 or 660 Ti (more CUDA cores). What cards are you guys using/recommend? I assume the better the card, the quicker (along with larger chain files) keys can be found, OR is something like the GTX 660 overkill? Thank you
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    AZBOX HD+ unable to enter recovery mode with Vol +?

    Hello I'm hoping to install OpenRSI, but so far unable to even get started! When I start by switching on from back and holding VOL +, I should be seeing IP address on display, but the AZBox just boots as normal. I can confirm DHCP is on and working. Any idea what the problem might be please...
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    Can OpenRSI record full packet encrypted channels?

    Hello I plan on upgrading my AZBOX Prem HD+ to an OpenPLI image and wondering if OpenRSI can record full packet encrypted channel please? Also does OpenRSI run Enigma 2? Seems a strange question perhaps as I always assumed it did, but recently come across guides for those wishing to convert...
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    Some questions regarding CSA Rainbow Table Tool please

    Hello 1. I understand that a ts of just 1-2MB is needed for use with the likes of CW Finder, but what file size is recommended for CSA Rainbow Table Tool please? I've read that a large file size should help, but not sure on actual size to use? 2. While guides I've read suggest recording ts...
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    Installing OpenRSI from official firmware. DOM vs USB method pro's and con's?

    Hello I've had my AZBox Prem HD for a number of years now and followed the progress of unofficial firmware from a distance, waiting for the majority of bugs to be ironed out and for the images to become somewhat stable. With the official firmware done, with only the latest being released by...
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    TM9101 brought out of retirement - blue panel not working

    Hello Brought my TM9101 out of retirement and trying to download various items via blue panel, however am forever advised "Failed to download". I recall but can't remember how, that I need to udpate the blue panel server address? If that's the case does anyone have details please and how I go...