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    workoing transporders of bulsatcom 39'

    can any one please give me the transporders of working channels with the given iredeto2 keys of busatcom 39' ? thanks in advance
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    astra 19e' and ali c ?

    what are the frequencies working on astra 19e' with ali c beta ? thznks for your help .
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    X 200 ????

    hi guys what about x200 it had it,s glory in the old times is it over ?
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    double tuner ?

    can someone explaine what double tuner means ? thanks
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    just a note !!!

    dears did you notice with me that when microbox started to work showtime was down on abracadabra besides ART did not change it's code i think there is something cooking as usual and as the ABA sang money money money always sunny in the rich man's world just a further note yes we should be...
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    The famous Ali

    why were the latest generation of receivers processor called ALI? it is an abbreviation for wich sentence ? thanks for info.
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    solution for ASH problem for Ali B

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    shared channels art & show ?

    some channels( animal planet. discovery science. nat geo wild. and nat geo adventure ) keep working whether art is down and show keeps working or show is working and art is down. so what is the reason ?:thum:
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    MOREBOX protocol

    what is more box protocol ?
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    Repair ON Problem for ALI-3329C

    Repair ON Problem for ALI-3329C
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    astra 1 19.2' E

    the signal of most packages on astra 1 19.2' E is weak down here can anyone say to me what are the transporders of canal digital and tv vlaanderen on astra 1 ? thnks.
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    eurobird9 s** package ?????

    about a month ago some channels of the sex package on eurobird 9 stopped working i have some channels working but the other ( sex reality sex trans. sex amateur, sex fantasy, sex black)are not working i would like to know if it is for me alone or ??????? thnks.:thum:
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    Twin protocol

    can somebody please tell me what is twin protocol ?
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    iberalia tv on eurobird 9 transmitted free to air all the last few months about hunting and fishing in Italy had gone encrypted.
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    what do the following terms mean ?

    hi guys . what does the abbreviation ATR in smart cards mean ? also in updating the abra card what do the two abbreviations KV and SV stand for ? best wishes ever.
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    Starsat chat

    i have a 5300 cu super but the logo doest not appear (the original logo from the software or the modified logo with any tool ) when booting the tv screen is black also when updating the tv screen is black and when i change to radio channels there is no logo on the screen it is black how i can...
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    cost of changing encryption ?

    i want to ask does it cost a TV package a lot to be encrypted in a more secure kind of encryption (like power vu or video guard ) than to be encrypted in a common kind (like viaccess or biss etc..) and the encryption in general does it cost alot and need a big team for each package ? thanks folks.
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    5300cu super & the new firm & card ?

    does the new software for 5300 cu super that midosat attached yesterday depend on abracadabra card :mad: or not ??? should i download it to my stb as i don't have the card? thanks for advice .
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    hi guys can you give me the Gbox for 5300 cu super and the intructions to install and use it ???????? thanks a lot.
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    firm for starsat 5300cu super

    hi i have redownloded the new firm for starsat 5300cu super 3 times and it did not work on showtime and art . any one have the same problem???????????