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    crypt8 validation

    Hello. Is it possible to know if a crypt8 key is valid or not? An invalid key would mean that further processing(colibri) has no meaning. Thanks!
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    Get CW8 from ts file on linux

    Hello. I'm trying to get the cw8 from ts files that are recorded on linux, in order to be entered in colibri's software for further processing... Is there a simple way to get the cw8? Thanks!
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    csa rainbow table tool for linux?

    Hello. I would like to ask if there are any programs on linux that can perform the same job as csa rainbow table does. Thanks!
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    Newbie questions

    Hello! I have a few general questions. I have searched for answers but i don't know how to start or what to choose. So i would like from someone with knowledge to let me know! The last time i used dvb was a lot of years back with my skystar 1,gbox etc. Right now i own a few dvb cards and my goal...
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    Hello from Greece :)