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    Newcs Error

    I have Ubuntu 8.04 32 bit always with CCcam running I have set newcs 1.67 on it but got the following error ./newcs.x86: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Chmod 755 I have tried almost everything also sudo...
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    I have a DM800, I have a 250GB internal HDD installed. Boot went smoothly + formatted hdd. But if I get the power off/on then the Dreambox hangs on Booting.. And when I remove the HDD , then it boots normally.. * I have flashed my dm with some images like gp and nabilo..
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    Subtitles ??

    I have Dreambox 800 FULL HD pvr With Nabilo Blackhole 0.12 in flash But how can I use subtitles ? if I click on menu , then subtitles I don't get anything.. :(:(
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    How to full backup ?

    Hello, I have a Dreambox 800 hd , with Nabilosat image installed. I want to make a FULL BACKUP.IMG of the image, settings , cams etc etc. How to ?
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    Sid not found in PAT ??

    Hello, I use locciescnan settings for my DM800 WITH GP 4.2 Everything worked ordinary good.I had a problem with a channel from 16.0e eutelsat Afterwards manual scan done all channels erase before searching : yes , after search stood there on a couple canals n/a Today even captain settings...
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    Channel not work/

    Hi, I have DM800 , With gemini 4.2 , works good. On eutelsat 16.0e , DigitAlb channels are good. But : ''rtk 1 sat '''dont work It's FTA and dont work ?
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    Which skin for 800 ?

    Hi, I have since today Dreambox 800 full hd with Gemini 4.2 But I'm looking for a nice skin , on addons there are no nice skins. Thanks in advance !