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    viewing 4:2:2 feeds

    Hi guys, So I have VU+ zero 4k and TBS5925 USB tuner. I temporarily moved to a new place and have a 1.2 offset with USALS motor here. Would a setup like this work for both 4:2:2/4:2:0 feeds and USALS controls: Sat cable in TBS5925 for 4:2:2 via EBSpro and VLC + USALS controls Sat cable out of...
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    VU+ Solo2 SE v2 dead?

    Hello! New here and not at all happy that my first post here is like this, but anyway: I was browsing through Addon manager when my VU box crashed, bright green error screen showed up and the box tried to reboot. It did not reboot (starting GUI screen is where it all stopped). I turned the...