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    tuner probs input 1

    hi , I have just been giving a vu duo + twin tuner ..and im trying to get it to work ..but having probs with input 1 .. I have tried loads if diff images for this box and only tuner 2 or b only seems to scan sats ... sure ive got tuner config proper faulty tuners a normal with this...
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    android media player .vpn only login

    hi looking for some help if possible ..would be great . im basicly have a android media player and a vpn . im trying to get the fastest speeds and have been told that I can use my vpn only for login then use smart dns .so I can use my fibre speeds . not sure im tottaly lost America nbc...
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    airplay dm 800

    hi. anyone got airplay plugin to work ... say iphone to dreambox ...seems to crash for me . does it actually work keeps crashing saying something about a mu file and premium key stumped lol:mecry:
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    windows 7 on laptop

    hi guys .. im looking to git out my old advent laptop 9912 which had vista on til . I messed about and put Ubuntu on .(for experimental purposes) now im thinking of buying a windows 7 version ..can I remove Ubuntu and install windows 7 on it .. :thum:
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    oscam white list ok latest one but ?

    cant seem to clear s s f1 chanel sd .. pretty stuck it should clear ..hd working ,, any one got working white list for this chanel would be great thanks:thum:
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    hi .old dm 7000s help

    has nice person got a c....m config , that they could pm I would be very grateful cant remember the upper lower slots settings been that long lol thanks :mecry:
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    connect to my dmbox at home

    hi , would be great if anyone could give some advice if it can or cannot be done thanks. my friend is looking to connect to his dm800 box at home whilst hes abroad ..can this be done . all i can say at this moment was i thinkl firstly you need a dns account i think ..if this correct. im not...
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    remove vix image

    hi , im pretty new to the vu duo and have installed the newest vix image .usb and the bootloader. ive tried to factory reset etc and flash other image through usb or through serial .. cant get rid of it great if someone could help thanks:thum:
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    flippin network interface again clone

    seems again like the 500s clones ive got a box thats knackered the interface . box dm 800 clone sim 2.01 ssl 82 cant connect or say register it own ip ( nameserver ) network test says confirmed everything but nameserver ( the box) ip within range of my gateway ..rebooted , no good ...
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    best image with postioner help for friend

    hi , any advice on a good image for to use with motor /postioner . seems to be a painful task for me . personly i have a 36v postioner but only use with tm upstairs . but have a dual lnb which feeds me dm 800 clone downstairs for which i dont use with postioner. problem being im in 2...
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    micro freeze help please

    hi , i recently set up omnikey 3121. on pc with ubuntu 10 04.. i using newcs 167 rc1 and cccam 2.1.3 . all seems ok apart from micro freezes ive be getting .. im pretty new to this . my question is for some reason i followed a tutorial that said i have to put SERIAL READER : /dev/ttyUSB0...
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    image bl 76a sim 2.01

    hi back again guys. anyone got any advice on a good image for this sim ,, i trying to install image for friend on his new dm 800 clone.. his son has a dm 800 with blackhole hgyperspace on which works well ..but they only have bl 75 when i looked .. he also says the pvr works and is much...
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    ubuntu expert please . lost now.

    would be very grateful if someone could put me on the right path . long story.. basicly i am using ubuntu 10 04 lts . and cccam 2.1 4.which seems to be ok. only thing i have omnikey 321 usb reader which will not reconize the card in apache. apparently i need ncs 167rc1..aswell . ive even...
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    omnikey 321 usb ex v reader command line help

    hi im wondering if any nice person could help / please .. i have ubuntu running ccam 2.1 4. just setting up .newish it linux. but it wont read because im sure i have missing command in cfg .. it says working in terminal . but not in apache web . its usb connection to pc . ps i have 6...
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    best site for old drivers

    anyone know any good sites for old graphics drivers .. my old pc has missing drivers imedia 1208 . packard bell.. just cant find nowt on there ste or the web ..any sugestions ..pc running like a bag of hammers any help would be brill thanks
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    tonights boxing

    anyone picked up the box office .. i have on card just dont know . where it apears ..i have dreamedit . does it come as data ..or will it be in the box office chanels. advice would be great . what chanel is it on sky anyway not sure many thanks
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    boxing sat

    hi is it possible to s...e the box office guys in dmbox.
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    no sly premier and + 1

    hi guys seems to not being broadcast i think ..have sly changed to anther tp to broadcast the prem and other movie chanels.. i try and rescan the sat ..i supose ...they also not working on me tm 500.. amyone else had this prob ..its just happened recently
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    what do you recon gibby dish

    hi ..any gibby owners ..he he looking to reciever viasat nordic beam .soon . i have a 104 gibby on 12 in jack and polar mount at the moment powere with 36 v postioner .. problem being i need at least a 1.2 gibby . do you recon i could just change the dish face .. dont really...
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    nosiy fan

    can i disconect the noisy fan ..( doing me head in ) i supose it is their for cooling .. any other way guys .. thanks again :clapping: