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    cccam cfg.

    i got installed the version TSimage EO2.0. i can not get cccam cfg to work. i copied the file etc folder. i can not se the DM 500 HD conecting. HEEEEELLLLPPP
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    xbmc Dm 500hd

    XBMCAddons v.4.0 i try to run xbmc on dreambox 500hd. i´m running 0e 1.6 Tsimage. the problem is every time i starts the xbmc crashes and box restarts every time. any idea to fix this matter.
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    CCcam cfg

    i have installed latest TSimage. i can not find CCcam cfg file which suiatble for TSimage-OE2.0_3.0_20131003 Help pls.
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    Nstreamplayer for enigma2

    hi. nstreamplayer_4.1_mipsel. is not working in DM 500 HD. any idea about how get it works. i hope some expert can help with this.. :)
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    ipbox 9000hd

    i´m running BMT image. it is possible to see canal digiatl 19 degree astra on IPBox. BMT has oscam and mgcamd, but it does not open the channels. thanks
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    I need help to clarifi whether MgcamdNewcs's best two running server. I now have cccam server with viacces card version 2 and the problem is some of friends line gives very hihg ECM, sometimes up to 2000. I've read online that Mgcamd must be better and it gives lower ECM and there will not be...
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    godd c-line ?

    good c-line ? Hi guys i need a good share setup. which is a good setup when i do not not want my c-line reshared by my friedns and I only want my friends get my local cards. when i need to add yes/no behind the line.. CCCam lines Removed: This is not a C/S forum, Please READ the forum rules
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    I've talked with a good friend today who switch from cccam to mgcamd. The reason is one of his friends were taken by the authorities for running cccam card share. Is it true that you can go back cccam setup / software and see who and how many friends there have been in the card share. Is it...
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    ECM EMM i have a freind that have a ecm 1949. is it too high. what is that meen ECM, EMM in compination to original card in card sharing.
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    my viacces card version 2 is not updating in cccam in drembox. i have just renewed the card. how can i manage this problem guys ???
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    hi guys looking for some help to hack suntv 9e, running irdeto2. the box is married to tha card. i have tried to hack lit ast 3 months, but no luck. hope someone have some idea to how to hack the card. regards wn
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    vodka 011

    my web login not working for me; root , pw admin, pw this is not working for me. someone got any idea ?? thanks waran
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    ipbox 9000hd

    Hi.. i´m getting mad of trying oscam as server. not working for me.. cccam is better and it works very good in dreambox. what image is suitable to run cccam as server in a 9000hd ipbox.
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    dreambox 7020

    HI i tried to run card share in CA modul in dm 7020s. it seems like it not possible with cccam. i do think the CA slot is able to run card share and the cccam is not reading the card.
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    hi my dreambox 7020 will not read original card in mgcamd after i tried to run cccam with card clock frek. 78000. i have reinstalled different images, but still mgcamd not working. Cccam stil work in the same readers. is there anything to do. i hope i can get some help here. thanks waran
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    Iam here cause i hope i can get some help to setup a irdeto 2 card, but it is not always easy get help here. I try anyway. I have Suntv card, Irdeto 2 v. 5.7. what image and what cam such a card work on. I have tried many image and cam, but without success. thanks WN
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    ipboox 9000hd

    Hi. i have ipbox 9000hd and running vodka 0.11 image. i need to setup a server oscam+cccam combination i´m looking for cccam emu and configuration for the box. there must be someone who har the same box.... regards waran
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    oscam & cccam 2.1.4

    any guide for to setup oscam as server in dm 7020 in both readers. and cccam as client. i need oscam cfg setup :).
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    is it possible to run oscam on ip 9000hd conected to cccam server. good instruction needed. i tried, but......
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    CCcam setup

    hej guys i need instruktion to setup cccam 2.2.1 for externaluse. i tried this: c: 9877 user1 user1 F: user1 user1 no connection i have no idea what i´m doing wrong. thanks waran