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    Configuration motor

    The problem is solved. What prevented me from receiving was the LNB which no longer worked. Anyway, thanks everyone and sorry for the inconvenience. I ask the admins that they can delete the post if they want.
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    Configuration motor

    Hi all, suddenly my DM 820HD no longer receives any channels, "tuning failed" appears on the screen but it always worked. At the moment I don't remember how I set the tuner and therefore I ask for help from all of you. The DM 820HD is connected to a motorized antenna managed by an Echostar...
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    GT-Media V8 Finder Pro

    Hello everyone, I was considering the possibility of purchasing the product in question. Does anyone already have this field meter and is it a reliable product? Before spending money I would like to be sure that I am buying a good product, knowing full well that it is not a professional field...
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    Satellite reception problems

    Haven't tried it yet but will try and let you know. Thanks again for the suggestions to try to investigate the problem.
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    Satellite reception problems

    Thank you very much for your comprehensive answer. I also thought that it could be an interference because it is concentrated on a single frequency considering that the pointing is perfect and on other transponders the signal level is high, while on that frequency, although the feed is active...
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    Satellite reception problems

    My dish size is 2 mt. and i have good signal on both frequencies 11050 H 4936 -59 dBm 11055 H 4936 - 59 dBm
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    Spectrum analyzer

    Hi to all, I would like to avoid spending a lot of money on a satellite field meter and spectrum analyzer, I don't know if there is a software one but it does the same functions as an Unaohm type instrument, including inserting the local oscillator if the signal is high band or low. Until now...
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    Satellite reception problems

    Yes i know that is not 24/7 on air but when this transponder is in use usually i've no signal or very weak signal, only on last tuesday i received with strong signal, but strong signal on this frequency is very rare, but I can not understand why only on that transponder. Thanks for the answer
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    Satellite reception problems

    Hi all, I have a technical question. With my TBS 5925 i have no reception problems except on one specific frequency on Eutelsat 7B satellite at 7 degrees east. The frequency in question is 11153 V 7200 DVB S2 8PSK and I wanted to ask you if you too have reception problems only on that frequency...
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    DM820HD and HDD Seagate

    Hi all I wanted to allow the decoder in question to record, so yesterday I got a Seagate Expansion 1tb. The decoder recognizes it after a while after being inserted but won't let me format it. I state that I tried to do it as soon as I bought it, then seeing that it didn't format it and wrote me...
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    Az Box Elite help

    Hello everyone suddenly my AZ Box Elite goes into continuous booting, it has always gone well and has never given me problems. I had installed the fw 5310 version via USB which I believe dates back to 2012 and then I had inserted the various plugins such as OpenXCas and the Biss plugin but it...
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    AzBox Elite

    Ciao a tutti improvvisamente il mio AZ Box Elite va in continuo booting, è sempre andato bene e non mi ha mai dato problemi. Avevo installato la versione fw 5310 tramite USB che credo risalga al lontano 2012 e poi avevo inserito i vari plugin tipo OpenXCas e il plugin per il Biss ma è passato...
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    DccE2, Maz 3.2 and fiber

    Hello everyone, a technical question, for about a year I have the fiber and from that moment I was no longer able to use Maz 3.2 for the AzBox and DccE2 for the Dreambox, in practice it no longer connects to the IP or connects but does not I can get into the decoders and in the scheme it gives...
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    Ciap a tutti chi puo' darmi un aiuto riguardo questa scheda? Fino ad una settimana fa riuscivo a ricevere e vedere tutto, ora ricevo ma non vedo pur inserendon la corretta key in Vplug...qualcuno mi puo' aiutare dato che non ho modificato nulla e di punto in bianco non vedo piu? Grazie
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    HDD & DM820HD

    Hi to all, i' would like to start recording programs with my DM820HD, i need of HDD(i prefer external)e-sata, what kind of HDD i must to buy? 2,5 or 3,5? Thanks in advance for the help
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    aiuto per TBS5925

    Ciao a tutti, tempo fa ho acquistato la scheda in oggetto e ieri ho acquistato un pc portatile, desideravo chiederVi se qualcuno di voi puo' aiutarmi, anche da remoto, ad installare e settare correttamente tutto quanto con tanto di driver,codec ionei, Vplug e quanto serva per ricevere...
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    Tandberg and PowerVu

    Hi to all, i've a DM820HD, with Opendroid 5.5, what can i do to ( step by step)for watch both encryption? Thanks in advance for help and the answers Biciosat
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    Ciao a tutti, chiedo un aiuto per settare la Oscam che ho caricata si DM820HD. Grazie in anticipo per l'aiuto
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    Ciao a tutti, ho questo decoder, un amico mi ha montato sia la cccam, che pero' non parte piu'(errore lettura) e la Oscam che pero' non so configurarla...qualcuno mi puo' aiutare passo passo per far funzionare tutto quanto e finalmente vedere? Ho un DM820HD con caricato Enigma2 Opendroid 5.5...
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    Allora ho questo un Dreambox DM820 HD con installato Enigma 2 e Opendroid 5.5, da quando l'ho fatto partire la prima volta dopo un po' la cccam smtteva di funzionare andavo a vedere i server e mi diceva errore di lettura pagina, facevo un reboot e tutto rifunzionava, per un po', poi si bloccava...