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    Al Jazeera Sport rebranded beIN SPORTS

    Al Jazeera Sport will be rebranded beIN SPORTS after midnight on Tuesday, as Al Jazeera Media Network seeks to unite its global sport channels under one name ahead of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. beIN SPORTS said in statement that its subscribers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)...
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    Updated to BlackHole latest which emulator is recommened to use and which keys to download?

    Hi guys I need a little help here, I updated to the latest Blackhole and was wondering which emulator is recommended for the image and also where can you download keys let alone how to install both of them on the receiver's image. Your help is much appreciated, sstylianou
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    TV8 Turkey 42 East?

    Hi there, I understand looking at the fixtures guide on LJ that this station is showing serie A I wonder does it still encrypt during matches or does it stay free to air? I have seen the BISS key thread but so far no more info regarding the station so any update would be appreciated guys.:)...
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    Hubble spots a planet-eating star

    The Hubble Space Telescope has captured evidence of a Sun-like star "eating" a nearby planet. Astronomers knew that stars were capable of swallowing planets in orbit around them, but this is the first time the event has been "seen" so clearly. Although the planet was too far away for Hubble to...
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    Canal Sat Frequencies Guide for Hotbird13E and Astra 19E

    A excellent package that has been around for sometime from Canal Sat which is on Eutelsat Hotbird 13 Degrees East and Astra 19 Degrees East here is a frequencies guide on what to expect what channels you will receive when tuning into your satellite receivers for new and experienced satellite tv...
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    Nova Hellas and Cyprus 13 Degrees East Frequencies Guide

    For reference purposes only here is a list of channels from Nova Hellas and Nova Cyprus on Hotbird 13 Degrees East to help tune into the stations and what the package offers. The stations are subject to change at any time as some stations stop transmitting and some new ones start up enjoy what...
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    How do you install Oscam for Triple Dragon?

    Hello guys, I thought I ask how do you install Oscam for Triple Dragon as there is no guide on the files and would greatly appreciate it on how to go about installing the emulator on the Triple Dragon receiver as it would benefit alot of Triple Dragon owners out there. Many thanks in advance...
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    BIS (formerly Absat)Frequency guide for 13E,19E,5W & 12.5 Degrees West

    For reference purposes here is a full frequency guide for BIS (formerly ABSAT) on both Eutelsat Hotbird 13 Degrees East,Astra 19 Degrees East,Atlantic Bird 3 5 Degrees west and Atlantic Bird 12.5 Degrees West. 13 Degrees East Hotbird 6 (13.0E) - 11034.00 V 27500 3/4 Game One Hotbird 9...
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    Leading hacker group ARRESTED IN THE uk

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    For fans of the WWE Bret Hart Returns

    I never thought I see him return after what happened here is a video for fans of wrestling and WWE enjoy.;) UV3tcnU8P4o
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    Five Israelis held for transmitting satellite channels

    Five Israelis held for transmitting satellite channels LARNACA - Five Israeli were remanded in police custody on Friday in connection with illegally receiving and transmitting various subscription satellite channels as well as for providing electronic gambling services. The arrests were...
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    Robin Reliant Space Shuttle Challenge - Top Gear

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    CAIDS Data DragonCrypt Update

    Dragoncrypt caid data update for Dragoncrypt software it has been a long time since the caid database been updated so here is the file. When you downloaded the file copy it to the folder below it will over write the old version with the current version something to keep the old dragon and T-Rex...
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    Storm Troopers 9/11 Star Wars Parody

    Storm troopers whinging what happened after the Death Star was destroyed for Star Wars fans and non alike this is hilarious especially at the end of the video. xV7Ha3VDbzE
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    Frequencies for SKY Deutschland (formerly Premiere) on Astra 19 Degrees East

    Frequencies guide for SKY Deutschland (formerly PREMIERE) for reference purposes only no encryption talk here please post new thread if you have a query for this package. 11023 H SR 22000 FEC 2/3 Disney Cinemagic Deutschland National Geographic Channel Deutschland History Deutschland 11720 H...
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    How to remove WGA installation prompt screen?

    Hi guys I got this automatically without so much as a option as to custom install this update and keep getting this each time I start up XP. Is there a way to kill this annoying problem since it would be great to get rid of it. Many thanks in advance. sstylianou
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    Yngwie Malmsteen - Heaven Tonight

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    Bogus Messages being sent to contacts lately!

    Hello guys been a victim of a bogus messages attack on msn please ignore my messages they are not from me I have fallen victim to it and took the steps necessary to try and stop it I have changed my password so hopefully that would do the trick. Here is two links to help you incase you fallen...
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    Hello HD Eurobird 9 Degrees East Frequency Guide

    First High Definition platform on satellite from Hungary this list is a rough guide to the package and the frequencies are there for reference guide only so for those with High Definition satellite receivers this package is a good starting point for newcomers or a boon for those who want a...
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    Predasaur Update By sstylianou1976

    All keys updated for both predator and predasaurus files. with some minor changes sat 2000 9 degrees east included with Rai fixed. edit 26/6/09: Digi TV updated on both predator and predasaur files plus thrown in Free XTV 1,2 X Dream and French Lover TV CW included 26/6/09 in seperate files...