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    Encrypted Feeds (Requests for Keys Only. DO NOT POST KEYS IN THIS THREAD!!! USE THE KEYS SECTION)

    Eutelsat 7B - 7C (7.0°E) Frequency: 11101 - Pol: H - SR: 14400 - FEC: - Category: Concert Transmitted in: MPEG-4 encrypted ℹNeujahrskonzert der Wiener Philharmoniker CW please
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    Freeview (BBC Satback of Terrestrial MX PSB1 & 3) Biss @ 27.5°W *Chat Only No Keys*

    Finally i manage it - my solution to stream for example BBC ONE HD as cmd file: cd/ cd Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC start vlc --ts-extra-pmt 6600=6601:27,6602:17 Thanks for your help
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    Freeview (BBC Satback of Terrestrial MX PSB1 & 3) Biss @ 27.5°W *Chat Only No Keys*

    Hallo, i have VU+ Duo2 on OpenPli 8.3 and BBC package working well but one thing i can not do it is streaming those channel to phone or PC in local network. For example BBC ONE HD i get this when i extract m3u8 file: #EXTM3U #EXTVLCOPT:http-reconnect=true #EXTINF:-1,BBC One HD...
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    AzboxHD remote programming instruction

    Hallo, i search programming instruction for Azbox HD remote which is writen at the bottom of remote. I search all internet and could not find anything about it. In my remote this instruction is unreadable, anyone could help - mayby picture?
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    Transcoding 4:2:2 feeds

    Hallo, I'm interesting if anybody try with success streaming 4:2:2 feed with option transcode. If so please explain to me how to do it because my try was no luck - i get stream but no video and audio :(
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    UHD Feeds

    Hallo, i just wondering where are all UHD Feeds (beside Spanish League) because there is no any news about it. Every week there are matches form Champions League and Premier League but there are no feeds? Is it possibile that they are streaming only by fiber?
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    For Sale MAG256 IPTV BOX

    Hi, i have almost new (used only 2 months) MAG256 (better version MAG254), price is 80Euro + cost of delivery, selling from Poland, real photo - link below, regards
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    Improve WiFi Azbox HD

    Hallo, lately I was problem with range of wifi in my Azbox HD Premium+ so i decided to replace inside antenns to outside ones. It cost me about 4euro plus 0,5 hour. Antenna which i used is like that: but you colud use bigger one to...
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    Merge chains v2

    Hallo, i have downloaded B8hxFFh rbt2 chains and using csa rainbow tool v2.05 i try to merge all chains with "add to rainbow table" but after quite long time only information is like: "waiting for new chains". Of course i choose dir of chains and name RTB. How long should i wait for merge this...
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    Signal reception and birate

    Hallo, lately i get feeds from German Pokal and it had about 28Mbps. It was on 7E and 10E, my azbox shows signal 60-65% (not have dB) and picture at the beginning is like slow motion and then signal jams. Other feeds with the same position but with lower birate (10-20Mbps) working fine, do you...
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    Problem with feeds

    Hallo, I just try watch feeds from EuroU21 but picture is unwatchable - when i start watching it looks like slow motion, then after about 20sek. picture starts freezing and slicing. It happend on every dvb programs (dvbviewer and progtv) and every codec (try all from Codec Pack). I check signal...
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    Blindscan Premium+

    Hi, I have Azbox Premium Plus and OpenSpa3.1 install and I do not see any blind scan, could somebody tell me is OpenSpa have not blindscan and if so which E2 soft will give me that?
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    Hi, i'm from Poland and happy to discover so usefull formu, regards