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    BBC Satback Package has Launched on Telstar 12 Vantage @ 15°west

    It looks like things are still changing I initially managed to get some channels on Telstar 12 11043 v 44100 and today l scanned the satellite to find FTA channels on 10725 H 23000 channels bbc on NE HD, BBC Two NI HD 6 channels in total
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    Octagon SX88 V2 - which OSCAM config file?

    Hi Hpavil There is lots of good points been mentioned but l load my initial files from the openvix plugins. Dowload the plugins. Menu/plugins/the selct the Green Function key to download the plugins. Then look down until you find softcam and select the oscam you prefer. l use oscam/emu, once...
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    Octagon SX88 V2 - which OSCAM config file?

    hi I have experienced that issue with Oscam Emu and l just copied the etc/tubox/config/Oscam Emu files in to the etc/tuxbox/config and resolved the problem. It's my understanding the Oscam Emu are read at startup and the running files are in etc/tubox/config. If you change the config throught...
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    Freeview (BBC Satback of Terrestrial MX PSB1 & 3) Biss @ 27.5°W *Chat Only No Keys*

    These are all HD working today 2600:000000:4484:19C8:1FFF::XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX ;BBC One HD (27.5°W) 2600:000000:4440:17D4:1FFF:: XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX;BBC Two HD (27.5°W) 2600:000000:10C0:1B58:1FFF:: XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX...
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    Freeview (BBC Satback of Terrestrial MX PSB1 & 3) Biss @ 27.5°W *Chat Only No Keys*

    That’s correct l have CBeebie ok but not working on HD
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    BISS codes

    Hi does any one have an IP9000hd running with BISS codes. (Dgs) If so what release software are you running
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    27.5W Reception in Manchester, UK

    Can anyone advise on dish size l would need to connect to intersat 27.5W in north west uk manchester
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    Help Installing BIS keys

    I have PGI 1.5 installed on my IP9000 and note it has MGcamd in the Plugin. The box tells me that the MGCAND is running but not sure how to test or how to insert the BISS keys "Biss CW: 13 01 20 34 14 AD CD 8E" Can anyone help me on how to insert the key and test
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    English TV in the Algarve

    We have lost the Freesat connection in the algarve but understand that with a new digi box we can tune into another satellite and get BBC,Can anyone advise of the details
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    IP9000HD for sale

    I have a working IP9000hd available to offers. The configuration is DVB-S2 & DVB-T with a 100gb hard drive The software loaded is PGI-9000-v1.5 Good Condition. Any reasonable offer considered just PM me
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    Crossepg version

    I have installed on my IP9000 the "SifTeam on the basis Cuberevo-r13791." and tried both the versions crossepg-0.4.2-svn-48-dgs-sh4 and crossepg-0.3.1-svn-30-dgs-sh4 which don't work. Does anyone know of a version which will work Thanks for reading
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    Crossepg not displaying in english

    Hi l have the crossepg software installed on my IPBOX 9000 version 0.4.2(svn48) and works ok however the epg information is not in English can anyone help to resolve
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    Flash Tool windows 7

    I have upgraded my computer to Windows 7 but unable to get Flash tool to work. I have version 1.02. Is there a later version which will work?
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    BMT image 1.0 NESSIE password

    I have just installed the BMT image 1.0 NESSIE - on CRi 13651 but using PC editor 1.2.59 i am unable to find the user ID and password I have tried username root pasword relook & relook, relook without sucess Anyone help Thanks
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    Vodka release .0.0.9 and Crossepg

    In the absence of NLB images l have installed Vodka v.0.0.9 and crossepf 4.2 however l am unable to get epg working. It stops / freezes when parsing the summaries. I am familiar with crossepg and NLB images. Does anyone have crossepg working with this image.
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    Terestrial T2 Tuner

    Does anyone have any information on the new terestrial T2 tunner for the 9000hd enabling freview HD in the uk
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    nlb11577 Weather

    There is new feature of weather within the DGS image any one managed to find the location settings. I have tried the yahoo setting as per the plugin but does not work Any one tried this
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    NLB-11577 EPG

    I have just installed NLB-11577-v2.01 and first impression looks good. What is the best way to get EPG to run on the box. Is it Crossepg With low memory has any one got this running sucessfully
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    Internal Card reader Newcs S*ly card

    Can anyone point me in the right direction. I have just received my new white S*ly card and tried to configure newcs to use the internal card reader. Selected NLBCFG2: upper_no_boxkey(nordic),lower_boxkey(German) and entered my boxkey in hex. It worked when viewing channel 4 hd but the picture...
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    Best EPG Solution

    I have the NLB image installed but what is eveyone using for epg. I have tried dexter epg and currently using myepg.2.4l by Sandro Cavazzoni because it is more automated. Is there one which has been fully automated or an improvemnt on the two above