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    SKY abo outside Germany/Austria

    Even if you lived in Germany, you can only get Sky Germany, not Sky Austria. If Sky makes it so awkward for users and shows Champions League only on Sky Austria and not Sky Germany, no wonder people go the pay server route. I was a Sky customer for > 20 years and would have stayed with them if...
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    Israel under attack feed

    Israel under attack feed 7E 12637 V 3333 Auto 3/4 FTA
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    Skatebaord suggestion question

    Wrong ;)
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    Skatebaord suggestion question

    For high speed and stability, definitely a longboard. I used to street skate and still got a deck, but since I am old now, I have bought myself a e-skateboard (Exway Flex Riot ) for street cruising. First thing you need as a beginner skater is a helmet specially for downhill. Good luck, PM me if...
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    You are 10 years too late to the party mate
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    Hot receiving horizontal BISS channels 7East

    How to receiving horizontal BISS channels 7East Hi all, Just messing around with BISS Feeds this weekend and got a problem. 7.0E Eutelsat 7A/7B 11001H 14400 (8.3dB*) Ident: D-381 WLSG B1 1G18 m 11018H 14400 11019H 14400 10983H 14400 11084H 14400 10964H 14400 I am not receiving any of...
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    Virgin M and TVheadend

    Hi, Anyone using VM and TVheadend? Just wondering if I can get a normal USB stick DVB-T / T2 to pick up the signal on DVB/C ? Thanks
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    How to scan transponder for biss channel ?

    Hi, How do I scan the transponder ? Eutelsat 7A/B ( 7.0°E ) 10998 H 9875 DVB-S2 - 4:2:2 - 8PSK ID: D-381 WSBN B1 1A12 m Event: Bundesliga 2, SV Wehen Wiesbaden - VfB Stuttgart DVB-S2 8PSK 10998 H and 9875 symbol rate ? What is the QPSK ? How do I scan it ? Thanks
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    Powervu Key updater

    PowerVU Key Updater by stinkefisch v0.6 Please make sure you are using the latest OScam version or AU won't work. opkg --force-overwrite install enigma2-plugin-PowerVuKeyUpdater-0.6.ipk This Plugin updates the SIS-Live 4.8E, Discovery 1W, Discovery-Networks 4.8E, AFN 9.0E ,Fight Network 15W...
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    RS232 communicate season traffic

    Hi all, I googled and googled and googled. I really like to know how to to send ATR and APDU commands to my season card to be able to see what the cam replies. I still own a season and Wallbanger 352 sort off still works (at least I can see some traffic) So on linux picocom -s 115200 -d 8 -p...
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    PowerVU Key Updater by stinkefisch v0.5

    PowerVU Key Updater by stinkefisch v0.5 This Plugin updates the SIS-Live 4.8E, Discovery 1W, Discovery-Networks 4.8E, AFN 9.0E ,Fight Network 15W and HBO 4W Keys if a new key is available. If the provider shouldn't clear use AU Keys to get an update (Menu 9 - 12) The Plugin now works with your...
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    BWTV Key Updater by stinkefisch

    BWTV Key Updater by stinkefisch v0.1 This Plugin updates the BWTV Key if a new key is available. The Plugin won't work during football matches as there are too many "Key Changes". Please use AU Keys to get an update during the Match. The Plugin will only work if your SoftCam.Key file is...
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    BBC on 27W in BISS with OScam emu

    Hi, Has anyone got the BBC channels working on 27W in BISS with OScam emu? Would you please be so kind to post conf files? I can't get it to work. Thanks
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    OK just tested and it also works with DVBVIEWER NO DVB CARD REQUIRED just with streaming 1. DVBVIEWER - setting - options - Hardware 2. Choose your DVB card if you got one and disable it 3. Click add File device Tuner Type is cable State normal (To add the enigma2 receiver stream). 4. Click...
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    Fury vs. Hammer

    Fury vs. Hammer Does anyone know which Channel is showing the fight instead of Sky Select Germany?
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    EPG on I-concerts

    Hi all, Does anyone know how to get EPG on I-concerts? For some reason I had EPG the other day but I don't know how I managed that? I know there is a program guide on their webside but I'd like to use EPG for recording. Thanks
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    Festplatten read/write script for Timer recording

    ################################### # Remount_HDD_rw_script # # Scripted by stinkefisch for fun # ################################### # # Problem: # # Some hard drives are going into standby mode after a few minutes and when the recording timer # kicks in (at night time) no data gets...
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    SBCL C+NL with dream/dbox

    Tested and 100% working. Open SBCL, enter the tuner screen, press Stop and edit the "Client IP" with the IP of your dreambox. Then press start and configure your emu: If you use CCcam put this line in N-CCcam.cfg: N: ip.vostro.pc 6001 test test 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 es...
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    ************ WARNING ************ * WATCHING PAY TV WITHOUT SUBSCRIPTION IS ILLEGAL * ********************************* CCcam_info E2 Plugin Version Why? I got a CCcam Server in my local network and I always like to see what's going on. That is the reason why I complied netcat for...
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    URL fixed Have fun