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    Settings Kaon/Xtreme by GIO®GIO Team

    Settings Kaon/Xtreme by GIO®GIO Team motor, 3 feed (13° E - 19° E - 30° W), dual-feed (13° E - 19° E) e mono-feed (13° Est).
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    Infinity usb phoenix 1.60

    1.60 Build 1529 - Friday, March 02, 2007 [New features] Support for Windows Vista on Infinity USB Phoenix
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    Test image for mutant200-ipbox200

    SF Test image for mutant200-ipbox200 LZMA Patched IMG Size ~ 8,5MB FREE /var ~ 2,8MB ------------------------- Linux Kernel 2.6.17 with TUN GCC 3.2.2 CVS 1.0.9. 28.01.2007 WEBIF 5.9.9 expert Features -------------------------- DynDNS Client NoIP Client Addon Update IPKG Inside...
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    SportItalia Nuovo Transponder

    SportItalia Nuovo Transponder Sport Italia: 11862.00H 27500 3/4 SID:11324 PID:172/446 FTA
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    Dragon/T-Rex CAM/File. Info, How to's, Compatable Receivers

    Receiver/Decoders compatible with Dragon/T-Rex CAM's Art DP2500 CI Aston Xena 1700 : only reading Aston Xena 1800 Aston Xena 2000 Ats*y @s*y box Big sat 8005 ci premium Coship CDVB 5300A Deltasat 1103 Deltasat 1104 Digian 3000 HDD Digiquest 6700 Digiquest 8000sci Digiquest 8000Hsci...
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    All Ncas

    All ncas for read italian *** official card
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    Humax Terminator (All versions)

    Humax Terminator v2.7 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What's new in v2.7 1. Added option for checking and storing any new AES key 2. Server changed - THX to SatFreak 3. Decimal calculation for other receivers added 4. Update info option added (...
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    Humax Turbo Suite (All versions)

    Humax Turbo Suite 2.0 Eye Of Horus Release By Humax Turbo Team. --Generate Flash Reset. -Download for PMCTool (Use Import Option in PMCTool) -HTT Turbo Scan and Fix Fix Killer raw files. Analyzing raw files which have extra bytes. -HTT Preferences Editor (Beta)...
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    New: CFGSmart 1.1

    New: CFGSmart 1.1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A small tool for reading/writing Preferences (hdfbin-3-000000.raw) from and to humax 5400 flash. A ToH Config editing page is available for specific ToH parameters customisation; writing...
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    Latest Fausto Editor for Diablo CAM [Other CAMs with Season Interface]

    Fausto (C)MASARE Team-Saoud007 (C)FullDump TM Diablo Keys Editor. Version 1.0 Update XML file & Produce BIN file for diablo cam light/wireless Multi Theme, Multi Language Support Windows OS tested: Win95, Win98, WinXP-SP2 Compatibilities with KeyMaker: yes The only difference is...
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    Matrix Rev Key Editor 1.0 Matrix Rev Key Editor 1.0 - Easy Editor for Mr Rel >> Rev >> Reb - Rel supported versions 1.10 >>> 1.180 - Rev supported versions 2.00 >>> 2.25 - Reb supported versions mrb300/mrb300 modified >>> 308 ** Thanks to Ralp **
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    Calciopoli: Juve, Lazio, viola in B

    Calciopoli: Juve, Lazio, viola in B Milan in A con 15 punti di penalità La Caf, presieduta da Cesare Ruperto, ha emesso le sentenze di primo grado su "calciopoli". Retrocessione in serie B per Juventus, Fiorentina e Lazio. 30 punti di penalizzazione, con revoca dello scudetto 2005 e non...
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    Campioni del mondo

    Campioni del mondo ,grazie ragazzi per questa gioia FORZA AZZURRI:)
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    Clarke-Tech Tools & Editors

    New angel Uptool vers. 1.8.4
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    Tools For Dragon/TRex (inc Pred325 N2, Dragoncrypt, PredEdit, PredMaker)

    DragonCrypt CAIDs Updater (C)FullDump EDIT/MODIFY CAIDs in predator firmware. If you don't know what caids please don't use it original infos from dragon developper: HOWEVER, the crypto ids registered by the cam are editable in the binary file. At position 0x26B0 (for predator320 and others...
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    Benvenuti a tutti

    Benvenuti a tutti gli amici italiani :)