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    NHL Ice Hockey & Football Matches on 22W SportsNet Feeds
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    Asia Cup

    Asia cup final Japan v Qatar Qatar TV 7.3 w 10.718 v 21.998 fta
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    13 east 11.746 H 27.497 AD SPORT1 FTA interesting observation audio track 2 has ENGLISH commentary watching football now sorry if this in the wrong area
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    Double Biss System ?

    Hi All, the follwing was posted Eutelsat 7A (7.0°E) 12705, V, 7100, 3/4 ID: GlobeCast Oz CW: 14 XX XX XX XX XX XX 9B Crypt8: 71 XX XX XX XX XX XX 10 (B8hxFFh) Event: Double biss system I am not clearing the channel is this...
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    Snooker on sat

    eurosport 2 wimbledon 4.8 east p*vu currently showing kaspersky riga masters LIVE snooker bingham v walker hope this post is in the right place ;)
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    I get ERT3 but none of the others, ert1, 2, hd

    as the title suggests, I can get ERT3 but none of the others, ert1, 2, hd. Is it my receiver? I have checked the pids, they all seem fine. thanks in anticipation
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    cork v derry

    0.8 west 11.506 v 9749 cork v derry k.o 19.25 uk time fta
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    re New Patch For TM - 6000HD Super Series

    Phantompatch-TM-6800-Test-Super-20-07-2015-763p so far, all good here, I have been using this for two days now, without any problems Many thanks
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    Intelsat 905 @ 24.5° West

    Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that Sotelma and NTA on 11.674 V 27500 have returned, the last couple of months I have not been able to get them, now, all of a sudden, they are back
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    Phantompatch-TM6800HDSuper_762p-09-07-2014.stb v762 update
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    plaza xt cm what version s/w please

    Hi, please help somebody, I*deto2 at 39 and 19 wont open with latest soft cam, can someone please advise on which version of firmware i need for this, many thanks in advance
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    digi help please

    hi, im stuck please can somebody help. I have software 2.38 and loaded the latest keys (27/12/2008) but nothing is clearing, everything worked on the 24th but now nothing, any help gratefully received
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    just to say hi to everyone, its a learning curve for me so i appreciate all help, i have a phoenix converted to openbox so this site is a great help, thanks all