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    Amiko spiel blocked

    Good afternoon! I have here an amiko spiel, which is blocked, it connects normally but then it stays in a state that does not let me do anything, nor go to the menu, nor change channels, nothing! Can someone tell me what tool to send the firmware for rs232? greetings PS: Or if there is a way...
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    [Doubt] channel editor for spiel

    Someone tell me what is the channel editor for amiko spiel!? Thank you!
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    Question about firmware (Alma S2300) There's no mistake! The latest version is v1.21b2 and now this new version supposedly is v1.19b6 ?? Someone tested, er any significant improvement? Tanks!
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    Multiboot mmboot MultiMiniBoot This plugin works on the 800 original dream? Tks
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    TDW Team DM800HD PVR - Image

    TDW Team OE 2.0 DM800HD PVR - Image - 24.05.2013 Date: 2013-05-20 15:59 Enigma2: 3.999git20130503b-r9.0 Distro: opendreambox 2.0.0 Machine: Dreambox dm800 Link: MD5: 80239c2973a2506c665cb59872f48f52 SHA256: a6f09bdb2611d6e2a3ad1c8efc800c41ccb0d40d6e5adcf148c7e28460ec5883 IP-TV icin gereken...
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    Amiko Backup/Dump Software

    AMIKO-MINI-HD_1_4_88_v2 Supports popular softcams as client with easy on-screen setup*
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    Merlin2-Excalibur ,mbox?

    How to install the emu mbox in the image Merlin2-Excalibur, Cccam is possible and mbox?:confused:
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    Hello :thum: