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    Algérian TV

    I can't see the terstre algérien channel on nilesat. but i can see the other chanels (canal algérie, amazighe, A3...) wich work with the same fréquence!!!!!? what is the problém? I enter the code (11 00 00 00 ......), but the algérien terestre chanel don(t work....! help me please my démo is...
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    starsat SD-X6300CU super

    can I watch digi TV wuth my starsat SR-X6300CU super?????
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    digi tv with metabox, is it possible?????

    what about digi TV?????? no possibilitie ti watch chanels of digi TV with metabox?
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    help about starsat SR-x6300 CU super

    Can I flash this receiver to wach eljazzera sport?????? and the french chanels (tf1, m6...)?????? if yes, Can I do manuelly?
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    starsat sr x 8300 usb

    where can I find a new upgrade for starsat sr x 8300 usb???
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    thor "off"

    where we can watch the europeans league now?????? with aston metabox
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    "on" problem , métabox blocked

    what is the solution!!!! please
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    algérian terstre télévision

    how to wach terestre chanal of algeria in nilesat? the fréquence change?
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    chanels "sport1","sport2", sport klub" in satélit THOR

    this chanels dont work!!!! what i must do to warch this chanels??
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    code of "FOX life "

    can you help me? what is the code of fox life wich works?
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    j'ais entendu parler qu'il ya un apareil qui s'appel "TIMER" qu'on instal avec une assiette et une téte , et qui fait déchifrer tout les codes des chaines TV! cet apareil existe t'il vraiment? est il disponible!
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    questions about DIGI TV

    hello! I need to search the new codes of DIGI TV alone! how i can do it? for example, when i watch la liga or premier league and the code change, i must fond the new code rapidement! please, can you help me?
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    new codes for digi TV

    what is the new code of digi TV for today? 22/08/2009???
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    what about this channel "S1,S2,S3.....ect"??? in wich satélit can i watch this channels? is it french channels?
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    my loader, wich transmeeted the keys to my receiver don't work? can you tell me how to enter the new keyy of digi tv manually? this new keys start with "01"!!!!! i dont find "01" but i find "00"! how i do?
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    question about jsc sport ( 7w°)

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    question about thor

    how to enter the new code of digi TV ( 01) manualy ( wuth remote controle " télécomande") i now how to do when rhe code is "00", but when it is "01" like the laste code, i don't see how to do
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    question abaut el jazeera sport on nilesat

    hi! the code i foud in the last dream soft is working? what is the fréquence of el jazeera sportt in nilesat wich worked with this code (biss)?
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    one question

    my freind ask me to flash her demo "codor 9090x" ! with the code of JSC+1, JSC+2 on hotbird! MANUELLEMENT how can i do it?
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    good after noon

    i need to now if french channels exists in thor ( digi tv)?