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    viewing 4:2:2 feeds

    I tried with a 4:2:0 feed which was biss and that streamed fine just not the 4:2:2 one they key was fine double checked it
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    viewing 4:2:2 feeds

    Hi I have scanned in a 4:2:2 feed and put in the biss key but when i open it on VLC Iit wont open its just a blank screen I can seem timer it bottom any advice thanks
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    viewing 4:2:2 feeds

    Hi thanks I dont bet so no problem there. I have a vu zero myself so should this be ok for streaming the 4:2:2 feeds thanks
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    viewing 4:2:2 feeds

    thanks foxx can I ask what box you use or used for streaming the 4:2:2 feed to your pc thanks.
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    viewing 4:2:2 feeds

    Hi so you are saying I dont really need a card to view 4:2:2 feeds I can stream from the box to my tv using openwebif and playing through vlc is there anything I need to do when playing the feed on vlc. and did you say with eEBSpro will help with codec or is that just for scanning for feeds thanks
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    viewing 4:2:2 feeds

    can anyone recommend a good card for 4:2:2 streams and what software people use heard of progdvb or dvbdream I only really want it for viewing the feeds thanks
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    viewing 4:2:2 feeds

    Hi I would like to be able to watch some 4:2:2 feeds would my PC be able to view them ok and what else would I need to view them my PC specs are below . I am a completete beginner when it comes to the 4:2:2 feeds I have been able to watch 4:2:0 feeds but need some help on what tuner card I would...
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    Discussion about all FEEDs

    Hi I got the boxing on a feed at the weekend and the quality was fantastic that was on 16e now I am told that most of the boxing feeds are on 16e,19e and 28e lately I know a lot of the American boxing is on 7e and 10e I have an 90cm dish live in the north west is it possible to receive feeds...
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    Entering biss keys

    Hi all I have a vu box and a starsat sr-t13 extreme and am looking to try and tune in to some feeds and get signal on 0.8w,9e,10e,13e,16e and ,30w and hoping I can tune in to a feed for the boxing tonight. Which of these boxes would be best for trying to get these feeds and how do I go about...
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    how do you use biss keys

    hi I hope this is the right place to post this, I have a 1m motiszed dish with a spiderbox 9000hd and I heard about biss keys, but I would like to know what they are and how they work. any help much appreciated thanks in advance
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    how to use biss keys?

    Hi I have a 1m motorized dish and I have a spiderbox 9000hd box. I am looking to try and open some extra channels using biss but I am completely new to this I just want to know for getting the football matches and boxing fights. Can someone give me some advice and tips on doing this for a...