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  1. J

    Using Splunk to monitor OSCam

    I have made an tutorial on how to use Splunk to monitor OSCcam. Head over here and see if this can be of some use.
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    OSCAM external card reader [TUTORIAL]

    OSCam with PC/CS card reader support If you like to setup a Linux Server and using OSCam with a local card, you need a card reader. Here is a simple tutorial on how to get a card reader up and running. This tutorial will work for most reader out there: Omnikey Keyboard with card reader...
  3. J

    Cccam discussion.

    Will there be any tutorial for the new 2.0.x CCcam? (Gbox support)
  4. J

    GBox and CCcam

    Why is Gbox so seecret, closed section, not allowed to talk about (G**x) etc, when CCcam is open for all? CCcam 2.0x do support GBox and Newcam and CCcam share in one and same client. You can peer a CCcam user with many Gbox user and New cam user at the same time, and only need to config one...
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    Change login message on Dreambox?

    Is it possible to change the login message on a Dreambox. I do run Gemini 3.60 on a DM500 I would change this: ************************** * * * The Gemini Project * * * ************************** welcome on your dreambox! - Kernel 2.6.9...